Play Halloween Games and Create With Code

Last Updated: October 30, 2021 8:54 pm
Play Halloween Games and Create With Code

Celebrate and create with code!  Holidays are wonderful occasions for encouraging kids to create. From homemade greeting cards to Halloween costumes, kids who learn to create at a young age will more likely become lifelong makers instead of passive consumers.

Check out the Halloween games kids have created using Tynker — kids who have participated in our introductory programming camps, classes and online courses. When kids create games they are introduced to the logic of programming and the planning required to bring an idea to life.

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Tynker Halloween Game Trailing Ghosts

Follow The Leader

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Brayden Halloween Tynker Game Learn to Code

Halloween Game

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Astrid Tynker Halloween Game Learn to Code

Pumpkins vs. Aliens

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Marissa Tynker Halloween Game Learn to Code

Mad Pumpkin Zombie Race

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Stay tuned for more inspiration to celebrate holidays throughout the year. Want ideas for another seasonal project? Take a look at a few projects made using skills learned in just a few Tynker introductory programming lessons, and encourage kids to create Thanksgiving-themed games and stories.  Click on the picture to play the game.

Tynker Thanksgiving Story Learn to Code

A Thanksgiving Story Starter

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Tynker Turkey Game Learn To Code

Zap the Turkey Game Starter

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Give your child the satisfaction of being a maker and giving your holiday celebrations a personal touch. There’s no better way to celebrate the season than taking pride in sharing something homemade.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!


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