15 Free Coding Resources from Tynker

Last Updated: March 25, 2020 12:09 pm
15 Free Coding Resources from Tynker

15 Free Coding Resources from Tynker 

Due to Covid-19, people around the world are coming together for the greater good and at Tynker we certainly want to do our part to help. With kids at home for the foreseeable future, it’s important for us as parents and educators to get them in a consistent and structured routine that will keep them happy, healthy, and motivated to learn.

Physical activity should be part of the plan every day, as should a little quiet time, especially with a good book. And, of course, Tynker is a great way to make kids’ screen time creative and productive. Here are some ideas that we came up with at Tynker to get kids exercising their brains—for FREE.

Resources for Schools 

Educators and students will have access to the complete Tynker School PreK-12 curriculum, including Tynker Junior for early learners, introductory and intermediate programming courses, and interest-based courses, such as micro:bit, LEGO WeDo, and drone programming. 

1. Until May 31st, educators can apply for FREE access! 

All public and private schools are eligible and can apply to get full access to the entire Tynker School curriculum and platform at no cost until their school reopens.


2. Training and Resources for Educators

Enroll in free training and get great tips on how to teach coding to kids, with a special focus on remote/online learning.

3. Hour of Code

Students can dive into story-based coding puzzles, fun projects, and STEM challenges.

4. Download Free Coding Apps 

Check out these 3 highly-rated mobile apps for learning code. With Tynker Junior, Tynker, and Mod Creator, kids can create apps and games, make art, mod Minecraft, even control robots and drones—with 1,200+ activities!

5. Modding with Tynker and Minecraft: Education Edition

Students love to use our Tynker block-coding with Minecraft: EE to build mods and add-ons.

Resources for Home Learning

Parents and kids learning from home can access our premium coding program, Tynker for Home, FREE during school closures.

With immersive story-based coding courses, Minecraft modding, multiplayer code battles, and 3D game design, there’s something to engage everyone.

6. Until Apr 30, parents can sign up to get FREE access! 

Parents can sign up to create free accounts for their kids. If they already have a free tynker account linked with a parent account, you’re all set – they already have access.


7. Glitch Manor (free during school closures) 

Kids can fight zombies and solve mysteries with code in this immersive adventure that takes place in a haunted mansion.

8. Augmented Reality (free during school closures)

With their webcam, kids can blend the real and virtual worlds to build games by waving their hands or dancing—and getting exercise!

9. Python 1 (free during school closures)

Kids can guide a warrior through a jungle maze and learn to code classic arcade-style games.

10. Coding puzzles for all levels

Kids will have hours of fun coding with immersive puzzles, interesting projects, and STEM challenges. 

11. Minecraft add-ons and mods

We don’t have to tell you how much kids enjoy creating Minecraft mods, add-ons, texture packs, and more!

12. NASA Moon 2 Mars

Kids can go on exciting space-themed coding adventures in collaboration with NASA!

13. Barbie You Can Be Anything

Kids can explore six of the coolest careers ever and discover how coding concepts can be applied to each one!

14. Crystal Clash

Kids get to cast spells, collect power-ups, and defeat enemies with code as they battle in a wild shrinking arena full of lava!

15. UN Sustainability Goals

Kids can explore global sustainability goals as defined by the United Nations. 

We hope that we’re able to help your students and kids maintain their academic goals in this trying time. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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