Big Announcement: Tynker Has New Sports Rigs & Tutorials!

Last Updated: September 23, 2021 1:19 pm
Big Announcement: Tynker Has New Sports Rigs & Tutorials!

Hey, sports fans! Did you get inspired watching the Olympics? Did your favorite athlete or team smash a world record? What sports do you like to play? What about watching sports? Do you prefer to watch at home or in person?

At Tynker, we know you love making exciting sports-related coding projects and games, so we’re excited to release some cool new characters and props for your favorite sports. 

More than that, you’ll find an all-new set of amazing Sports Tutorials in your Dashboard (+Create Project > Block Coding > Sports).

New Actors and Rigs

Find the new Sports Players in the Kids category of the Character Builder. Want to try one in your next Tynker Project? Choose Add Actor > Character Builder from the Actor’s list. 

You’ll see Olympic sports animations like Shot Put, Discus, and Swimming available to you, but also classic sports like Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, and Soccer. 

You’ll find dozens of brand-new sports props too. Think archery targets, gymnastics mats and rings, and nearly every kind of ball, bat, net, or goal. Choose Add Actor > Media Library > Sports from the Actor’s list. Here’s just a handful!

Go For the Gold: Community Winners

You’ll find inspiration in hand-drawn, creative Tynker Community projects like these, which took home prizes this year in Tynker’s annual Summer Code Jam.

Here are some winning gifs:

Click to see the 2021 Code JamClick to find out who won!

And don’t just play these inspiring projects and games. With Tynker, you can satisfy your curiosity and make your own: Just click Remix Project to look inside — and see how these whiz-kids made their coding projects, and then take it in your own direction. 

See something you want to play with? You can save Actors and even code snippets in the Backpack. Share assets between your Tynker projects in a snap:

Did you miss out on Summer Code Jam? Join us next time. We run incredible coding competitions ALL YEAR with big cash prizes, so sign up for a reminder:

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Brand-New Sports Tutorials

You’ll also find some brand-new sports coding tutorials. Login to, then find these projects in your Dashboard (+Create Project > Sports). 

Ball Designer — Use the drawing tools to create an original soccer ball design

Power and Precision — Learn how to implement a power-meter using code. Choose your power, then where to aim. Will you score? Yes! 

Multi-Level Sports — It’s sudden death in this penalty-kick shootout! Can you get the ball past the goalie? Each level gets more and more difficult.

Trivia Game — Customize this game to ask questions about your favorite sports and athletes

Sports Stats: High or Low? — How well do you know your sports statistics? Guess higher or lower. If you’re correct, you’ll gain points in this test of knowledge.

Heads or Tails — Write a coin-flip simulator, which you can use at the beginning of your real or virtual sports matches.

Random Penalty Shot — Choose one of the six targets! Will you make the shot? Learn how to use randomness in your own projects.

Sports Interview — Catch up with the pros after the big match! Customize this project to ask and answer questions from your favorite sports players.


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