• Sunburst Digital partners with Tynker to bring computer programming to K12 educators and students

    Sunburst Digital / July 8, 2015

    Sunburst Digital, Inc. announced today that it will partner with Tynker, a leading Silicon Valley start-up that has introduced more than 20 million kids to computer programming. Tynker helps students develop 21st century computational thinking and computer programming skills in a fun, intuitive, and imaginative way. Educators who have had no prior programming experience can easily adopt the Tynker platform to incorporate fun programming activities into any subject’s curriculum.

  • Tynker, A Startup That Teaches Kids To Code, Now Works With Robots, Drones And More

    Techcrunch / May 15, 2015

    Tynker, a startup that teaches children the fundamentals of programming by having them build their own games, is now expanding its platform to allow kids to control connected devices, including drones, robots and other “smart home” products, like lighting systems. The company will introduce these capabilities this weekend at the Bay Area Maker Faire in San Mateo (...)

  • Tynker Connects Young Programmers to Millions of Devices on the Internet of Things

    Tynker Press Release / May 15, 2015

    Expansion of Tynker Programming Platform Enables Kids to Power Robots, Flying Drones, Lighting Systems and Other Connected Devices

  • Tynker: Visual Game Programming Tools For Kids

    GeekDad / May 12, 2015

    I’m teaching a bunch of technology camps this summer, and one of the camps I’m most looking forward to is Beginning Game Programming. (...) One of the tools that I’m definitely going to introduce to the students is Tynker. (...)

  • Sylvan Learning Partners With Tynker To Offer After-School Coding Classes And Camps Through Sylvan Locations Nationwide

    Tynker Press Release / Apr 14, 2015

    Kids Can Easily Create Games and Apps While Learning 21st Century Programming and STEM Skills in a Fun, Engaging and Intuitive Way

  • Tynker Now Enables Kids to Build Customized Apps Directly on the iPad and Android Tablets

    Tynker Press Release / Jul 24, 2014

    Tynker's Latest App Turns More Young Learners into Young Makers

  • Palo Alto Unified and other Leading School Districts Adopt Tynker to Teach Computer Programming

    Tynker Press Release / Jun 25, 2014

    Tynker Provides Quick Integration of Programming Skills Across the Curriculum

  • JWHS Students Create Innovative English Projects with Computer Coding

    buglenewspapers.com / May 15, 2014

    Joliet West High School English teacher Anthony Romanelli recently spearheaded an innovative interdisciplinary project for students in his English 1 class.

  • Kids are Learning How to Code

    thetamom.com / Apr 1, 2014

    Ever since I started this blog, one of the things I wish I knew how to do was learn how to code. I have seen many of my blogger friends do an amazing job at building their own sites. But, let's think beyond blogging for a moment - think about how much we utilize technology daily. For many of us, we bank and pay our bills online. We shop online. We communicate online. We conduct business online. Think about the last time you put your mobile device down for more than 24 hours. Pretty impossible, right? That's because whether you like it or not, rapidly evolving technology is our future. So the real question is, if we are so dependent on technology, how is it that so many of us don't know how to code?

  • How to make coding child's play

    usatoday.com / Mar 16, 2014

    The popularity of Minecraft, a video game that puts kids in the role of creator, has sparked an interest in coding (computer programming). By learning to code, kids can create their own games, websites, apps, pictures and stories while also learning how to think logically and solve problems.

  • Tynker with this App that Teaches Kids Programming

    redtri.com / Mar 15, 2014

    Introduce coding, computer language and programming skills to kids as young as six in a fun and imaginative way. With Tynker, a newly released iPad app, your budding coders will build their engineering skills through fun games and storylines. With science, technology, engineering and math simplified into a gamified experience, Tynker will make coding your kid's second language.

  • Tynker is the latest iPad app aiming to teach kids to code

    theguardian.com / Mar 15, 2014

    US firm Tynker has released an iPad app that aims to introduce children to computer programming, building on the success of its existing website.

  • Tynker Releases a New App which Teaches Kids How to Code

    techtalkformoms.com / Mar 15, 2014

    An article from Forbes.com called, "Teach Kids How To Code and You Give Them A Skill For Life", shares with parents and educators why coding is an essential skill for children to learn. The article contributor, Nick Morrison quotes Clare Sutcliffe, saying, (in reference to coding) "But teaching coding is about much more than helping children understand the technology they are using, important though that is. Sutcliffe believes it gives them skills for life. "At a basic level, it improves problem-solving and thinking skills, and having digital skills will improve their chances of being employed in the future," she says.It also has the potential to bring about a fundamental shift in the way we view technology, turning us from passive consumers into active producers. "There is a massive difference between consuming content and being able to create it," Sutcliffe adds. "It is important to have agency over the tools you are using."

  • With 5M Users Already On Board, Tynker Goes Mobile To Help Kids Learn To Code On The iPad

    techcrunch.com / Mar 12, 2014

    Historically, the U.S. educational system has struggled to get young people excited by and involved with STEM-related fields, especially computer science, which has actually seen a steady decline in participation over the last two decades, according to Time Magazine. Luckily, the winds of reform have begun to sweep into education, and parents, educators and even Uncle Sam have begun to pressure on schools to give computer science and engineering concepts a place in their curricula and introduce them in early education.

  • One step at a time - Using BrainPOP and Tynker games to teach coding

    brainpop.co.uk / Mar 11, 2014

    From September 2014 "computational thinking" and computer programming/coding will be part of the national curriculum, across all the key stages.

  • Today's Best Apps: Artinlight and Tynker

    iosrumor.com / Mar 9, 2014

    The App Store takes delivery of hundreds of new apps per day. The overwhelming scene makes it possible to easily overlook an exciting game, valuable productivity suite, etc. However, we have a solution. Todays Best Apps tackles this problem by providing you with a handpicked and tested list of apps that are truly worth your consideration each and everyday.

  • Tynker Launches iPad App, Extending Programming Skill Development to Young Learners as Early as 1st Grade

    broadwayworld.com / Mar 6, 2014

    South by Southwest (SXSW) Education, Music and Media Conference-Austin, Texas- March 6, 2014 Tynker (http://www.Tynker.com), a leading Silicon Valley ed-tech startup that helps kids develop programming skills, today announced the launch of the first Tynker iPad app- available immediately on Apple's App Store. The new app is designed to extend Tynker's visual programming platform to an even broader audience of young learners, with an immersive game-like experience that leverages the iPad's native touch-based capabilities. The Tynker learning platform is now used by over 8,000 schools and 5 million users, making it one of the largest ed-tech applications in the world.

  • Tynker - Learn programming with visual code blocks on the App Store on iTunes - Apple

    apple.com / Mar 6, 2014

    Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Tynker - Learn programming with visual code blocks on the App Store.

  • Tynker Launches an iPad App That Helps Kids Learn Programming

    freetech4teachers.com / Mar 6, 2014

    The Tynker iPad app provides the first story / programming challenge for free. The subsequent challenges require in-app purchases. The first story contains twenty challenges for students.

  • Tynker App - Coding for Kids

    daddyblogger.com / Mar 6, 2014

    It's called Tynker, which is a leading Silicon Valley education technology startup. It's so good to introduce our kids Rianne and Ryan about coding, programming, and technology from a young age. I remember not learning about computers until I was in High School (don't blame me... I was born in the late 70s). Plus, even though I am an avid blogger and strong on social media, I have very limited programming skills. If only Tynker was around 20 years ago! Currently, Tynker is being used by 8,000 schools and over 5 million users. Just this week, Tynker also launched an iPad App which teaches programming skill development to kids as young as grade one.

  • Tynker Launches iPad App, Extending Programming Skill Development to Young Learners as Early as 1st Grade

    Tynker Press Release / Mar 05, 2014

    Immersive Game-Like Experience Makes it Easy for Kids to Learn Programming at Home, On the Go, and In the Classroom

  • Tynker Creates Tutorials for Code.org to Bring Free Interactive Courses to Kids in Support of Nationwide "Hour of Code"

    ucetnews.blogspot.com / Dec 07, 2013

    Tynker, a leading education startup that enables schools, teachers and parents to help children learn how to code, today announced 8 free interactive tutorials for students in grades 1-3 and grades 4-8 in support of the CSEdWeek and Code.org nationwide "Hour of Code" initiative. Tynker has launched these new tutorials to support the Hour of Code, which asks schools, teachers and parents across the country to help introduce more than 10 million students of all ages to computer programming during Computer Science Education Week, December 9-15, 2013.

  • Computer Science Education Week, December 9-15, 2013

    enetcolorado.org / Dec 07, 2013

    Tynker, a leading education startup that enables schools, teachers and parents to help children learn how to code, announced 8 free interactive tutorials for students in grades 1-3 and grades 4-8 in support of the Hour of Code. Tynker has built its new Hour of Code tutorials with a view to inspire and motivate beginning programmers-children who know nothing about programming and are perhaps wary of it. Tynker's visual coding blocks make it easy for children to drag and drop blocks of code to create simple games, stories, animations, and more-a great way to demystify the concept of programming and provide early successes.

  • Tynker Creates Tutorials for Code.org to Bring Free Interactive Courses to Kids in Support of Nationwide "Hour of Code"

    cbs8.com / Dec 05, 2013

    Tynker, a leading education startup that enables schools, teachers and parents to help children learn how to code, today announced 8 free interactive tutorials for students in grades 1-3 and grades 4-8 in support of the CSEdWeek and Code.org nationwide "Hour of Code" initiative. Tynker has launched these new tutorials (www.tynker.com/hour-of-code/) to support the Hour of Code, which asks schools, teachers and parents across the country to help introduce more than 10 million students of all ages to computer programming during Computer Science Education Week, December 9-15, 2013.

  • Tynker creates tutorials for Code.org to bring free interactive courses to kids in support of Hour of Code

    Tynker Press Release / Dec 05, 2013

    8 New Tynker Tutorials Help Students Learn How to Code Through Interactive Games and Puzzles

  • Crackin' the code

    fergusfallsjournal.com / Dec 04, 2013

    Thorstad, a technology specialist at Fergus Falls High School, had found an interesting coding program called Tynker that he thought could benefit younger students and give them some early work with computer coding. He sent out a blanket invitation to Cleveland School students, urging them to show up to one of the school's computer lab after school one Monday.

  • Tynker to Teach Kids to Code

    ladyparagons.com / Dec 03, 2013

    Kids are creative and they love technology. Seeing what my daughter can do with Legos and Minecraft proves that Kids love to build. Coding is another way to build, and if it's simplified and made fun, kids can, not only do it, but also enjoy it.

  • Teach Kids to Code with Tynker and a Giveaway!

    themakermom.com / Dec 03, 2013

    Tynker is one of a slew of new programs to help kids learn to computer programming. Many of these new tools don't teach kids to code per se- they're not actually using Java or C++, however, they teach kids to think like coders. Tynker stands out from other programs, even ones we're fond of, like Scratch because of the tutorial that comes with the home version. More about that in a minute.

  • Can Startups Disrupt the Slow-Moving Education Market?

    kqed.org / Oct 08, 2013

    Every year, schools spend billions of dollars on supplies and instructional materials and staff. A lot of that money flows to a few textbook publishers that create content, test-prep, even the tests themselves. Now, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in Silicon Valley are looking for ways to disrupt this market, revolutionize schools with technological innovation and make some money.

  • Future coders of the world can get a head start with Tynker

    coolmomtech.com / Aug 30, 2013

    During a recent discussion with a group of young kids about what they wanted to be when they grow up, I was surprised when one little boy piped up and said, "I want to make the next Angry Birds!" Luckily, little tech-minds like him might be able to get a big jumpstart on coding with this very cool website.

  • Scratch vs. Tynker, who's the underdog?

    luaforkids.com / Aug 19, 2013

    But looking closer, it's apparent that what Tynker is really offering is a set of structured lessons that are built around their tool. For $50, you get access to the programming environment as well as a sixteen-lesson instructional course. I haven't seen the lessons for myself but there's a certain slickness to their web site that I like. Students earn badges by progressing through levels, and there are also quizzes in addition to tutorials.

  • Cool Websites and Tools - The Facts Of Life, Page Speeds & NYT Time Machine

    makeuseof.com / Aug 15, 2013

    Tynker - is a new computing platform designed specifically to teach children programming skills and computational thinking in a fun and imaginative way. Built by technology veterans to inspire their own children, and children everywhere, to understand and enjoy programming through building games, mobile apps, creating music, animating drawings and more.

  • Tynker brings programming lessons into the home

    phys.org / Aug 12, 2013

    Tynker announced last week that its educational system for teaching programming to students in elementary and middle schools will take on a new offering, and it is now for home use too. The Tynker for Home system arrives on the heels of Tynker for Schools, which was launched in April as a ready to use curriculum. The courses teach programming skills and computational thinking. Students are exposed to the problem-solving process, knowing how to use computing tools and taking steps needed to solve problems.

  • Tynker introduces your kids to programming code either at home or at school

    gizmag.com / Aug 9, 2013

    The skills involved in programming are in many ways a lesson in life. Coding requires both logical and creative thinking which in turn lead to a greater ability to solve problems. Technology is shaping our world and our future and understanding computers and coding is a great way to engage with that future. Tynker, a California based education company, aims to teach your kids programming using a visual platform and is targeting 8 to 14 year olds with a 16 week course that promises both fun and learning.

  • If school isn't teaching your kid to code, this program will (for a fee)

    gigaom.com / Aug 6, 2013

    If you want your child to have an early start on becoming the next Zuckerberg or Gates, it's pretty clear that (for now, at least) you have to take matters into your own hands. According to estimates, less than 2 percent of students study computer programming, and it's not even offered at 90 percent of U.S. schools.

  • Tynker Launches World's First At-home Visual Programming Course for Elementary and Middle School Students

    broadwayworld.com / Aug 6, 2013

    Tynker, a leading education startup that enables schools and teachers to help children develop programming skills and computational thinking using a visual approach, today announced the introduction of Tynker for Home.

  • Turn your children into little hackers at home with this program

    venturebeat.com / Aug 6, 2013

    Without a coding education, your kids are missing out on a huge life-opportunity. But, very few schools actually offer computer science courses for middle and elementary schoolers. So, today Tynker launched its code-at-home browser program that teaches your children coding basics in a visual and accessible way.

  • With Tynker's New Service, Kids Can Learn To Code At Home

    techcrunch.com / Aug 6, 2013

    Mountain View-based Tynker, a startup focused on teaching children of all ages the basics of learning how to code, is now expanding its service beyond schools with today's debut of Tynker for Home.

  • Tynker Launches World's First At-Home Visual Programming Course
    for Elementary and Middle School Students

    Tynker Press Release / Aug 6, 2013

    Tynker™ for Home Meets Strong Parent Demand to Extend Computer Programming Classes from the Classroom to the Home.

  • Tynker

    engagetheirminds.wordpress.com / Jul 18, 2013

    If you are interested in integrating some computer programming into your curriculum, you may want to take a look at Tynker. Earlier this year, I mentioned Tynker in a post about programming for kids, but I hadn't had the chance to try it.

  • Why should kids learn how to code?

    stateofopportunity.michiganradio.org / Jun 28, 2013

    The ability to control technology is certainly a marketable skill in this economy. It's also a literacy, making kids more conscious consumers of the world around them. An absolutely fundamental foundation to this literacy is learning how to code. But how early should you start and how do you teach it?

  • Bridging Coding and Common Core with Tynker

    insidetheclassroomoutsidethebox.wordpress.com / May 5, 2013

    Tynker is a great new FREE web tool designed to teach students computational thinking and coding skills. It is similar to Scratch but you don't need to download and it works on multiple browsers which is great for schools that are bring your own technology (BYOT). It is easy to set up a class and only takes minutes.

  • Tynker: Kids Can Learn To Code With The Lessons On This Website

    zagg.com / Apr 30, 2013

    In a technology-immersed world, it's no surprise that there are a number of startup companies aiming to teach people how to program, code, and interact with technology. A few of these startups, however, are specifically targeted to teaching children programming languages just like they would learn foreign languages such as Spanish, French, or Chinese.

  • Tynker Aims At Introducing Programming Concepts To Kids

    tekarticles.com / Apr 30, 2013

    Instead of wasting the lazy mornings by watching cartoon shows, Krishna Vedati, the chief executive of Tynker, wants your kids to make their own shows. Tynker is a code learning platform appropriate for children from 3rd to 8th grade.

  • Shiny Object: Tynker, Game For Kids That Teaches Programming

    babble.com / Apr 28th, 2013

    Tynker is "a new computing platform designed specifically to teach children computational learning and programming skills in a fun and imaginative way." In other words, it's a game that makes it fun for kids to learn how to program.

  • Tynker Wants Children to Learn Coding in School

    hometechproducts.com / Apr 15, 2013

    Various startups are already in on the movement to make learning how to code more accessible to the general populous, but a new tool was released last week aimed at educating children on the subject. The new company is called Tynker, and they want children to begin learning code in elementary school.

  • Tynker Raises $3.25M To Teach Kids To Code

    edsurge.com / Apr 12, 2013

    TYNKER: $3.25 million to Mountain View, Calif.-based Tynker from angels and 500 Startups, NEA, Felicis Ventures, NewSchools Venture Fund, Cervin Ventures, GSV Advisors, XG Ventures among others for a company that aims to help kids learn to program.

  • Check out this learn-to-code platform just for kids

    venturebeat.com / Apr 11, 2013

    While startups like Treehouse and Codecademy are bringing simple coding lessons to teens and adults, a new service launched today to help younger children learn how to code.

  • From animated animals to algorithmic art: Tynker wants to turn kids
    into creative coders

    gigaom.com> / Apr 11, 2013

    Bill Gates' first program may have been for tic-tac-toe, but the next generation of tech titans is getting a chance to learn coding by building projects that are even more creative - and colorful.

  • Backed By $3.25 Million From NEA, 500 Startups, Felicis & Others, Tynker Launches Its Visual "Learn To Code" Platform For Children

    techcrunch.com / Apr 11th, 2013

    Mountain View-based startup Tynker is launching a new platform aimed at helping kids of all ages learn to program. Unlike traditional development environments, this introductory step into the world of programming is more about teaching kids how to think like a programmer, than it is about writing out long lines of code.

  • Tynker Launches Cloud-Based Platform for Teaching Programming

    thejournal.com / Apr 11th, 2013

    Tynker has launched a new online learning platform designed to help elementary and middle school students learn computational thinking and programming skills in the classroom.

  • Tynker Launches Its Visual Learn To Code Platform For Children

    appdevelopermagazine.com / Apr 11th, 2013

    Tynker has launched a brand new program to help educate our children on how to program. It's piloted as an introductory step into learning how to "think" like a programmer rather than writing long lines of complex code.

  • Tynker Launches Revolutionary New Platform for Teaching Programming Skills to Young Learners for elementary and middle school students

    Tynker Press Release / Apr 11, 2013

    National Rollout Enables Teachers to Unlock STEM Skills in Students in Fun and Imaginative Ways