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Our certifications demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in teaching K-12 coding with Tynker. The certification levels are designed to showcase the growth in your practice as you progress from initial familiarity with the Tynker platform and programming languages to expert levels with deep knowledge of computational thinking concepts and computer science pedagogy.


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Tynker Certification Levels

Level 1 Tynker Certified Educator

Demonstrate basic knowledge of the Tynker platform and curriculum.

Level 2 Tynker Certified Educator

Demonstrate deeper knowledge of concepts and core subject integration.

Level 3 Tynker Distinguished Educator

Demonstrate mastery of advanced concepts and K-12 CS pedagogy.

Tynker Educator Training

Tynker’s PD sessions are a great opportunity for you to explore how to incorporate Tynker into your curriculum.

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Blue Ribbon Educators

This program is for educators who are dedicated to making computer programming and coding an integrated part of students’ everyday lives.

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