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Learn to code with an expert! Classes meet Monday - Friday on Zoom

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How Virtual Summer Camps Work

  • Pick the class for you and enroll in a session.
  • You'll meet online Monday - Friday, five days straight for 2 hours each.
  • Classes are limited to 6 students or less.

100% guaranteed! Get a full refund before the start of the 2nd class if you’re not satisfied. Tynker will notify all parents of any class or schedule change. A paid Tynker plan isn’t required to participate.

Virtual Coding Camps Schedule

“The Tynker Live Classes were great. The small group and high level of instructor interaction provided the friendly support and guidance my child needed to learn and have fun while doing it. In a time where so much of her instruction is online and she’s kind of “screened out”, she truly looked forward to Tynker time and insisted on signing up for additional sessions. It was truly a highlight of her week.”

Teri C., Parent

“Since our children are going to be spending much of their time on computers in the future, it is a great idea for them to learn the basics of coding, even if it is just for appreciation. Tynker Live Classes was a great way to introduce the basics in a fun, interesting and socially interactive way! We loved it!”

Alexandria Z., Parent

Frequently asked questions

  • Why should kids learn how to code?

    At Tynker, we know that coding is quickly becoming a universal second language, a 21st century life skill that every kid should have in their toolbelt going forward — one that can propel them to becoming part of the next generation of innovators.

    Kids and teens can learn how to code at any age or skill level. Coding is an incredibly creative tool that gets kids dreaming—and doing! Kids who code learn to solve problems, think critically, and see projects through to completion.

    Coders think big, like saving the neighborhood, the environment, and, yes, lives! The ability to code is a "great equalizer" and with it the power to change not just your child’s future but the world’s too.

  • What is Tynker?

    Tynker is the #1 online and mobile coding platform in the world for kids and teens. Over 60 million kids have learned the basics of coding through Tynker and become makers, developing apps, building games, programming robots and drones, modding Minecraft, and much more.

  • Why Tynker?

    Tynker is a powerful visual programming language for kids in which they begin by snapping together code blocks to create programs, gradually understanding the actual code behind these blocks, and how they directly translate to real-world text programming languages like JavaScript and Python.

    Learning to code using traditional methods can be frustrating and challenging for kids. However, Tynker empowers creativity with code. Our revolutionary self-study platform makes it fun to learn how to code, with drag-and-drop visual coding, a game-based story-driven approach, and interactive tutorials.

    We also offer a built-in tutor to guide kids through hands-on learning, interactive explanations, and how-to video guides to promote progression through courses and activities. And, with our mobile apps, kids can take Tynker on the go, making Tynker positive screen time for children of all ages and experience levels.

  • What are Tynker live group classes?

    Classes held online using Tynker courses with a live instructor. Tynker Teachers are highly trained experts, and classes feature no more than 4 to 6 students to ensure the lesson is personalized to each student.

  • What makes Tynker live group classes different?

    Tynker Teachers are highly trained and from great schools, with years of teaching and coding experience.

  • How are the live group classes delivered?

    Classes are held online through Zoom, so all that’s needed is access to the Internet and a web browser. A Tynker plan (free or paid) is required to access the Tynker Live Classroom.

    Some courses will require other software, such as Minecraft Modding and Game Design, which requires Minecraft Java Edition. Please check the course descriptions for any requirements.

  • What is the cancellation policy for live group classes?

    Securing your child’s place in class requires payment upfront, but we offer a 100% guarantee for a full refund prior to the start of the second class.

  • What courses do you recommend for my child?

    We have courses for all interests: art, game design, Minecraft, text coding, and so much more. Read the description, age range, and level on the enrollment page before selecting a class.

    Talk to your child about their interests. If you’re not sure, then email

  • What if my child already has coding experience?

    We have beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes. You can select the appropriate class for your child’s level. If you’re not sure, then email

  • You have coding classes for kids — do you also have coding classes for teens?

    Yes, we have classes for all age groups. Please check the age recommendation on the enrollment page.

  • Can you make an age exception?

    Yes, if your child has experience in a particular coding topic and can participate with older children, we can make an age exception on a case-by-case basis.

  • Do I get free live group classes with a Tynker paid plan?

    No, Tynker live group classes are a separate program and don’t come with a Tynker online course paid plan.

  • I already registered. Can I make changes?

    Yes, if you want to change classes up to the beginning of the second class that’s totally fine, just email

  • Do you offer private coding Tutors, private coding or classes?

    Yes, we have 1 to 1 private coding tutors, please check out this page for more details:

  • Do you have coding after-school programs or coding classes after school?

    Yes, we have a number of coding courses after school. Coding after-school programs include introduction, intermediate and advanced courses in Minecraft, creative coding, game design, text coding and more.

  • Do you have coding summer camps or summer coding tutoring programs?

    We know kids and parents want to make sure coding skills don’t diminish just because class is no longer insession. That’s why we offer daily coding courses throughout the summer for kids and teens of all ages and skill levels.

Looking to learn with a private instructor?   Tynker 1:1 Tutors