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The Bottle o' Enchanting is a throwable item (similar to a splash potion ) that drops three to eleven experience points per bottle. It can only be obtained by the creative inventory, or trading with Villager Priests and cannot be crafted. The potion works like a splash potion but has the look of a drinking potion. It is a handy way to gain experience quickly (though several of them will be needed to get a level high enough to enchant).

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Bottle o' Enchanting

Type Items
Uses Gaining experience points
Stackable? Yes
First Appearance 12w04a (1.2)
Data Values Hex: 180 Dec: 384


Using the item is simple. Simply hold the item in hand, and right click, throwing it in the direction you are facing a short distance. Upon contact with a hard surface the potion will break and experience orbs will pop up. Collect the orbs to gain the levels.Throwing the item at your feet allows you to refrain from moving while throwing multiple bottles.


The item itself doesn't do anything until thrown, however, the orbs react in a weird way sometimes. If a Player throws enough potions at their feet to level up, it may result in an "orb build-up." This simply means the orbs can not enter the player to be converted into experience points. They will follow the player and circle them for a period of time. This is no more than a minor annoyance to the player. Quitting and rejoining the game will remedy the effect, other wise the player will have to wait it out. The waiting time varies on the number of orbs in "build-up."


  • Sometimes orbs will orbit the player for an extended period of time before being absorbed by the player.
  • Some orbs will not be absorbed for experience, rather disappear on contact.

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