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Eggs are a food item added in the 7th Secret Friday Update, obtained only from chickens . They are laid by chickens every 5 to 10 minutes (takes 40 minutes for 9 chickens to lay 50 Eggs, so it takes 7.2 minutes per egg).

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Type Food; Raw Material
Stackable? Yes
Data Values Hex: 158 Dec: 344


During the Beta update (20 December 2010), Eggs were made throw-able at the request of a fan as a result of a Twitter Conversation . When thrown, Eggs have the same on-hit effect as Snowballs and additionally have a 1/8 chance of spawning a baby Chicken which will grow up in 2-3 Minecraft days. Alternatively, Eggs can be used as a projectile. They can be placed in Dispensers and fired upon activation. However, like snowballs, eggs do not deal any damage.


  • One egg can spawn up to four chickens, this is a rare occasion and the chances are 1 out of 256. 256 is 4 x 64, and 64 is a stack! Chickens also spawn from eggs shot out of a dispenser.
  • Eggs can be thrown very far, and often land over five blocks away from the player.
  • Eggs can normally be found wherever there are chickens, unless the chickens are newly spawned.
  • There is about a 1 in an 8-egg chance that a chick will spawn.
  • Eggs are good as weapons but are often misunderstood: not only can it inflict damage but is also easier to get than arrows which involve complex crafting or risking player health by defeating skeletons. They also can spawn baby chickens which provide food, feathers, and can push or swarm enemy mobs.


  • There is a rare bug where if an Egg is thrown against a 1-block thick wall and a Chicken hatches, the baby chicken will travel through the wall and out the other side.
  • There is a glitch when, thrown at any mob of player, the egg will simply pass through them, though this is not common.

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