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Minecraft Item

Cake is a food produced through Crafting , which can be placed on a surface, giving the ability for any player to consume.

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Hunger Replenished 2 per slice (6 slices total)
Obtained by Crafting
Stackable? No in PC Yes in console and pocket
Data Values Hex: 5C Dec: 92


Cake stands 1/4 lower than a regular block. It has white icing and a red cherry-like topping. It is quite easy to craft for experienced players. It restores 1 hunger bar per use, and has a total amount of 6 uses. Cake does not drop when broken, it can only can be eaten by clicking on it whilst it is placed. As of Minecraft 1.8 , if you place a Redstone Comparator next to cake, you can get up to Redstone PL 14, 2 for each slice. This is used on 1.8 maps and minigames, and trolling on multiplayer with TNT .


Cake is made with an Egg , three Buckets of milk, two Sugar , and three Wheat . If the player eats a cake once, it will appear to be cut into thirds or sixths. Crafting a cake will award you with the achievement "The Lie" (Needing to earn achievement "Time to Farm" first.) which is a reference to the game Portal . Various maps have the phrases "Your cake is waiting" and "The cake is a lie".


  • The cake is featured in all platforms of Minecraft.
  • On the console versions, there is the Candy texture pack that allows different types of cake.
  • Cake can be used as a form of decoration (i.e. flooring).
  • Cake makes the same sound as Wool being placed.
  • Cake is the only food that can be eaten when placed.
  • Cake cannot be retrieved by Shears or a Silk Touch enchantment once it has been placed.
  • The player can eat each slice almost instantly, and it recovers about 1 or 2 hunger bars.
  • The block with the ID 92 resembles a cake that has been placed.
  • The cake is the 3rd best food to the Golden Apple and Enchanted Golden Apple
  • Cakes are not stackable on the PC edition, but they are on console and pocket edition.

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