Learn to build Minecraft games such as Capture the Flag, Slimeball Soccer, Tower Defense, and more.

What Students Learn

  • Day 1: Capture the Flag
  • Day 2: Slimeball Soccer
  • Day 3: Complete Slimeball Soccer
  • Day 4: Tower Defense
  • Day 5: Complete Tower Defense

Technical Requirements

* Online courses require a modern desktop computer, laptop computer, Chromebook, or Netbook with Internet access and a Chrome (29+), Firefox (30+), Safari (7+), or Edge (20+) browser. No downloads required.

1. CTF: Part 1
10 activities
Set up your Tynker account, customize your skin, and start using your private server.
2. CTF: Part 2
5 activities
Program game logic to control the flag and players, then program the win condition.
3. CTF: Part 3
8 activities
Finish the CTF game by getting all players on the server and assigning them to a team.
4. Bonus - Castle
1 activity
Use the drone tool and custom functions to build a sturdy stronghold.
5. Soccer: Lay the Field
3 activities
Use the drone tool and build the soccer arena.
6. Soccer: Slimeball
4 activities
Modify the Slime entity to become a ball that can be used in all kinds of games! Make it, skin it, change it!
7. Soccer: Player Setup
6 activities
Create objects to represent each team, then add team lists to your objects to know who’s on each team.
8. Bonus - Scoreboard
1 activity
Use functions, variables, and world manipulation to create a custom LED scoreboard.
9. Tower Defense: Level Setup
4 activities
Build a basic level for a Tower Defense game, spawn enemies, and create an objective to protect.
10. Tower Defense: Defensive Towers
4 activities
Build towers for the tower defense game and modify their artificial intelligence (AI) to do your bidding.
11. Tower Defense: Enemy Waves
3 activities
Modify the game logic to allow for multiple waves of enemies.
12. Tower Defense: Finale
3 activities
Add a final boss and a victory fireworks show.