Tynker’s Top 5 Coding Courses in April

Last Updated: May 7, 2020 2:54 pm
Tynker’s Top 5 Coding Courses in April

Tynker’s Top 5 Coding Courses in April

While adjusting to remote/online learning this spring, we’ve seen more kids gravitate to Tynker than ever before, completing close to 3 million coding activities in the last 45 days—Amazing!

Whether they’re interested in game design, drones, art, math, robotics, music, or advanced coding languages like Python, kids of all interests and experience levels have found a way to make their screen time not just productive but exciting.

Going forward, learning from home will become part of the new norm. However, what kids have been doing with Tynker is anything but normal. In fact, it’s downright inspiring.

Kids are having a blast tapping into their creativity by building their own apps and games, while developing crucial problem-solving and critical thinking skills along the way.

So, give your kids a head start on their education from home and sign them up with Tynker today.


Let’s check out what’s hot on Tynker:

1. Mod Starter Pack — Kids love this! Why? Because they can design their own Minecraft skins, create and deploy mods, and play them on a private server.

2. Augmented Reality — Kids are learning AR by detecting real-world motion on a virtual actor in a whole new world in which real and virtual elements blend together. Cool!

3. Glitch Manor — Kids are picking up the basics of coding while exploring a haunted mansion where they’ll find 80 programming activities, like DIY projects, puzzles, & mini-games.

4. Python 1 — In this jungle adventure, kids are mastering basic coding concepts and syntax as they solve 48 fun coding puzzles, complete 115 programming activities, and design mini-games. 

5. Mythicraft — Kids are creating add-ons and mobs by bringing mythological creatures like mermaids and thunderbirds to life, which they can instantly publish to Minecraft.

And there’s more!

So much more! Tynker also has wildly popular coding puzzles, like Candy Quest and Dragon Blast, in which kids are refining their programming skills and coding techniques. Plus, our weekly DIY projects like Rabbit Roundup and Plant Trees are teaching kids how to make their own apps and games!

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Tynker enables children to learn computer programming in a fun and imaginative way. More than 60 million kids worldwide have started learning to code using Tynker.