Tynker’s New FREE Minecraft Mods — and Minecraft Rewards!

Last Updated: July 19, 2023 11:14 am
Tynker’s New FREE Minecraft Mods — and Minecraft Rewards!

We’re pleased to announce an all-new set of cool Minecraft Mods as part of Tynker’s Daily Missions. 

These mods, short for modifications, are cool Minecraft coding ideas for first-time programmers. You can give yourself gear or blocks, build massive structures in a flash, or change the Minecraft rules entirely! Find these tutorials in your student Dashboard when you first login. And you’ll find even more cool Minecraft projects, tutorials, and courses in your Minecraft tab. 

Cool New Minecraft Missions

What better way to introduce coding than the world’s most popular game? Watch your programs come to life, in a familiar and fun environment — Minecraft!

These modding projects are sure to inspire your own creative Minecraft coding projects! Here’s what’s inside.

Hand of Midas 

Use a golden hoe, then gain a temporary buff: any block you touch turns to gold!

Chicken Farm 

Spawn an enclosed fence with chickens inside. A chicken in every pot!


Spawn a solid hedge. Then use the shears to carve a sculpture or even a hedge maze!

Nightsight Carrots 

Eat a carrot, gain night vision. Change the code to give yourself new enchantments!

New Minecraft Rewards

You’ll also find a brand-new set of Minecraft rewards available in the Tynker Shop, available for premium subscribers. These are fun minigames and effects with no coding required. Once you’ve unlocked a reward, you can connect directly, using the connection code provided. 

Curious how they work? Make sure to Remix the mod to see the Tynker code — and change up the rules to suit yourself!

Greedy Guts

Eat a golden apple….get a LOT of gold ingots, diamonds, and emeralds!


Have Tynkerbot build you an extra-bouncy ooey-gooey trampoline, complete with a high dive! 

Skelly Survival

Night falls… how many rounds can you last against the horde of skeletons?

Quick Farm 

Spawn a water hole and a fenced-in 9×9 farm, and give yourself seeds, potatoes, and carrots. Can you Remix the project to build something larger?

Sir Bouncealot 

Staying airborne is the name of the game! This simple minigame reports how many times you bounced. 

Red Light, Green Light

Recreate the classic schoolyard game with this minigame. If you don’t stop, something bad might happen….

And stay tuned for even more amazing rewards, coming soon. Check the Tynker Shop for updates. 

More Free Modding Tutorials

Looking for even more free Minecraft Modding tutorials? Check out Tynker’s previous batch, described here! Find these projects in your Dashboard at Projects > Create New Project > Minecraft!

Within each category, you’ll find fun demos to try — read the tutorial to get the basics, then complete the challenges, so you can add your own twist on things. Just follow along and learn how to invent your own personal Minecraft mods!

Complete Activities, Earn Coins

As you complete Daily Missions, you’ll earn coins you can spend at Tynker’s Award Shop. Unlock Amazing Minecraft rewards or you can grab an educational ebook filled with fun Tynker modding activities, too! 

Even More Minecraft Inspiration

Do you love comics? Take some inspiration from our friends at Epic Originals! Check out their series on modding Minecraft using the beloved characters from Cat Ninja, The Bright Family, and so much more!

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