Tynker’s 2023 Summer Code Jam Winners!

Last Updated: July 20, 2023 4:52 pm
Tynker’s 2023 Summer Code Jam Winners!

We are thrilled to announce the remarkable winners of this year’s Summer Code Jam, hosted by Tynker. The competition received project submissions from talented participants worldwide, and we are truly amazed by the outstanding work of our winners!

Tynker’s Summer Code Jam aimed to keep young minds sharp during the Summer break by challenging them with a skill-based coding competition. It provided an excellent way to spend the holidays, especially for those stuck indoors.

For the first week of the competition, participants designed, created and animated their avatars, and we were amazed by the creativity and effort put into each entry. Selecting the winners from such a pool of incredible projects was no easy feat!

Winners for Week 1- Create an Avatar!

Ella Cupcake1st Place Winner

Zernzest – 2nd Place Winner

Invincible Soda – 3rd Place Winner

Keep up the great work and submit a project for week 2: Draw a Summerscape. Tynker’s Code Jam has just two weeks left this summer so get coding and winning! Anyone with a paid or free Tynker account can participate. See our official page for all the rules!

Winners for Week 2- Draw a Summerscape

Zernzest – 1st Place Winner

Brief Answer – 1st Place Winner

Nic 1234 – 2nd Place Winner

Max-2nd Place Winner

Miss Murcat – 1st Place Winner

UniqueGeek – 2nd Place Winner

Succinct Zoologist – 3rd Place Winner

Hello!-1st Place Winner

Panda Boy Coder – 2nd Place Winner

RZC_Gamer-3rd Place Winner

Please check your email! We are still waiting to hear back from winners.

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