Crystal Clash: The Epic Battle Continues!

Last Updated: January 20, 2020 1:02 pm
Crystal Clash: The Epic Battle Continues!

Crystal Clash: The Epic Battle Continues!

Tynker’s immersive battle game, Crystal Clash, is already a smash hit with over 4 million games played so far. Over the past two seasons kids have been coding their heroes and heroines to engage in battle with other mighty Tynker users across the globe. In Crystal Clash, victory comes to those who outwit and outplay their opponents by writing superior code!

The battle begins with some of our new characters!

Nothing motivates a kid learning to code like fun and the spirit of competition. In Crystal Clash, kids can have their avatar cast fireballs, overcome obstacles, collect power-ups and eliminate their enemies all while improving their coding to make it to the top of the leaderboard and defend their ranking. In Season 2, Crystal Clash got even more epic with the addition of new features like friends and duo mode to make the thrill of battle even more fun with a team. 

This time around in Season 3, we’ve taken Crystal Clash to a whole new level. Tynker is making Crystal Clash more exciting and customizable than ever. Check out some of the great new features:

  • Introducing Emojis: Express yourself on the battlefield with the new Say Emoji block! Use it anywhere within your code to have your Hero react to events as they unfold.
  • New Powerup — Shatterstep: Take advantage of the newest powerup — Shatterstep! Collect it to automatically cast fireballs as you move around the arena.
  • New Quest — Daily Win: Win a battle each day to earn 50 Tynker Gold! Visit the Questbook for more info.
  • New Theme — Iceberg: Be the last one standing on a shrinking iceberg in the ocean!
  • New Advanced Blocks: Deepen your strategy with 8 additional game blocks!
  • New Robes and Avatars: Customize your Heroes further with 5 new robes and 7 new avatars! Will you don the brilliant Sun Robe or the mysterious Robe of Chaos?

How does it work?

Have a Tynker account? Then good news, you’re already set up to play Crystal Clash! In each game, up to four players battle (2v2 or battle royale!) in a shrinking arena, using their abilities to cast spells and destroy enemies. 

This isn’t Fortnite though, the kids themselves aren’t doing the battling — their coded avatars are! These avatars use strategies that they code themselves to attack their enemies, evade oncoming fire and collect power-ups until there’s only one winner standing. Players are then awarded points based on how they do. Keep earning points and the player will quickly climb the ranks to reach the Champion level and earn special Tynker unlockables!

Coding your plan of attack!

In addition to learning coding, kids can pick up valuable lessons in strategy and puzzle-solving by planning the right blueprint to success. After completing three self-guided tutorials, players take it from there. Maybe the Hero should take a defensive approach, evading enemies and nabbing power-ups… or maybe it’s an all-out offensive attack that will win the day. It’s up to you, there’s no wrong way to play!

Diving Deeper on New Features

We’ve been listening and have added some of your most requested blocks, which allow deeper and more unique strategies to be created.

We all love a Hero who is the strong, silent type — but sometimes you’ve got something to say! That’s why one of our favorite new features is the Emoji block! Not only is it a fun and expressive way to communicate with your friends, but it can also be a huge help when debugging code! You can place different Emojis in different branches of your Hero’s logic. This will help you know what piece of your code is being executed. So, it can be easier to make changes for next time!

New blocks feature the ability to add Emojis to your code!

If players love to show off their own personality with Emojis, they’ll love the new avatars and robes too! Check out our favorite new characters from aliens to ninjas to fiery furry friends!

The Adventure Continues!

Your kids aren’t done creating with Tynker… and neither are we! There’s a lot more fun to be had with Crystal Clash, so check out the new features and get coding!

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