Spread the Love Valentine’s Day Card

Last Updated: February 9, 2021 8:31 pm
Spread the Love Valentine’s Day Card

Spread the Love

Happy Valentine’s Day from Tynker! We love Valentine’s Day because it’s a reminder to reach out to people in your life that you care about. We want to take this opportunity to say how grateful we are for all the students, parents, and teachers who use Tynker. We’re so happy that kids across the world are using our software to learn how to code and become makers.

Encourage your children or students to create their own version of this Valentine’s Day card with our easy step-by step instructions!

Remix this project

Teachers: You can assign this project to your class and they can make their own versions to send to their parents or friends.

  1. Click “Remix this project.”
  2. Save the tutorial to your account.
  3. Go to your “My Projects” tab.
  4. Hover over the project and click “Assign.

Parents: If you show your child this email, they can click “Remix this project” to save the project in their account and create their own version. When your child opens the project, they’ll find detailed step-by-step instructions.

Make sure to share how your students’ Valentine’s Day projects turned out! We love seeing what kids are creating.

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