Inspire Your Child to Show They Care–With Code!

Last Updated: February 11, 2021 8:51 am
Inspire Your Child to Show They Care–With Code!

Inspire Your Child to Show They Care–With Code!

Valentine’s Day is all about connecting with others and sharing how you feel. It’s about letting your friends and family know you care about them in ways that perhaps we don’t do everyday. That’s what makes Valentine’s Day special! Are you looking for a unique way for your kids to express their feelings this Valentine’s Day? Look no further than these Valentine’s Day coding projects from Tynker!

As part of this year’s “Candy Hearts” Valentine’s Day project, kids can customize candy hearts with positive messages. They’ll practice creativity as they craft short and sweet messages for their hearts—and then “eat” the hearts by programming them to disappear when clicked on!  Kids get creative as they craft messages for a small space (the candy heart) and learn to code as they practice programming concepts like basic math, variables, simple conditionals, input/output, and cloning. Ready to help your child express themselves this Valentine’s Day? Let’s get coding!

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How to Code This Project

All registered Tynker users have access to this project in their student dashboard. Simply click on the project card and follow the instructions to get started! If you do not have an account, you can sign up for a FREE account here and access many fun coding puzzles, games, and tutorials.

Teachers, to assign this project to your students, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Set up a classroom in your Tynker account and add your students.
  2. Click on the “Lessons” tab in your classroom dashboard.
  3. The project will be available under “Weekly/Special” Projects – click the “Assign to Class” button.

After your class has finished, don’t forget to create a showcase of all your students’ projects to share with friends and parents!

Parents, to give this project to your child:

  1. Have your child log into his/her account.
  2. They can find Candy Hearts in their student dashboard!

Does your child want even more ways to express their feelings for others, all while making fun creations? Check out some of our other Valentine’s Day coding projects!

On Cloud Nine: What shows friendship more than going on a journey to find a friend? Beginning coders will debug a partially completed game to help Codey find Recursula!

Valentine’s Card: For intermediate coders, this Valentine’s Day card is an opportunity to practice writing skills while making a creative, kind message for a friend!

Valentine’s Day E-card: Is your child an advanced coder? Encourage them to try making an e-card. They can even add a bonus Valentine’s Day joke!

We love to see what kids are making! Share your Valentine’s Day projects on Twitter or Facebook and be sure to tag us @gotynker. Join the conversation by tagging your post with #tynkercoding!

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