NEW: Teach Advanced Text Coding with Python 201

Last Updated: April 22, 2018 8:00 pm
NEW: Teach Advanced Text Coding with Python 201

NEW: Teach Advanced Text Coding with Python 201

Are your students ready for a deeper look at Python that helps them address real-world problems? Check out our newest course, Python 201! Tailored for coders who have completed our introductory visual coding courses and want to advance to text programming, Python 201 is a thorough introduction to computer science for upper middle or high school students.

The course allows students to code and run their programs all in one browser, offers advanced error-handling to help students debug on their own, and lets students apply their Python skills to real-world problems.

Python 201 supplements our other Python course, Python 101, which offers a game-based introduction to Python through programming puzzles and a focus on game development.

Why Learn Python

Python’s readability makes it one of the best beginner languages for students. Python code resembles the English language and eliminates extra notations, like curly braces, that are typical of many other programming languages.  

Learning Python prepares your students to excel in many fields! Around for more than 25 years, the language is a favorite among scientists because of its broad set of extensions for Astronomy, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Machine Learning and more. Python is part of the winning formula at many companies worldwide. Next time you enjoy a special effect in a Star Wars movie, for example, remember that Python was probably behind it!

What Students Learn in Python 201

Python 201 features 15 chapters that guide your students through hands-on coding activities, programming challenges, quizzes, and more! The chapters move in small steps with a balance of new concept introduction and practice.

With this course, students will:

  • Get comfortable with writing Python code
  • Write programs using variables, loops, and conditional logic
  • Explore boolean logic, math operators, and functions
  • Create patterns and animations using Turtle graphics
  • Learn to use more advanced data structures like lists, dictionaries, and classes
  • Build confidence as they solve and debug several coding challenges
  • Gain a complete understanding of Python from the ground up!

By the end of the course, your students will be comfortable with the Python language and with the critical thinking and reasoning skills that are essential for computer programmers. Using the built-in gradebook, you can easily follow your students’ progress and track their concept mastery in real-time!

“Python 201 is a great way to introduce students to programming in Python. It’s great to see my students so motivated and engaged in learning complex programming concepts while working through their practice exercises. Python 201 is a great addition to our curriculum!”

– Vidya Janardhanan, Stratford School

Live Python Code in the Browser

Python 201 uses our custom browser notebook that enables your students to type in Python commands and immediately see them work by clicking on the Play button. There’s no need to set up a programming environment or download anything! Unlike watching static videos, this method is an interactive way for your students to learn by doing.

Error Handling Designed for Learners

For young coders, one of the most frustrating parts of learning a new language is understanding the errors that are presented and solving these issues. With Tynker’s advanced pattern matching technology, we’ve simplified the types of error messages that your students see, and we offer easy-to-understand hints to help them debug their errors.

This feature means that rather than spending class time debugging your students’ code, you can focus on facilitating student learning.

“For a first-time teacher of Python, this was invaluable. Python 201 tracks your kids’ progress, while offering them a differentiated approach to learning with relevant real-world parallels by topic. Students can learn at their own pace, but with challenges along the way. Also, the curriculum supports the teacher by freeing up time to take students aside and work with them individually and in small groups.”

– Tim McCormick, Davis Joint Unified School District

Practice Makes Perfect!

In each chapter, students are challenged with real-world math problems that they solve by applying the skills they’ve learned. For example, after learning about math operators, they’ll solve problems like building a Celsius to Fahrenheit temperature converter, generating Fibonacci series, calculating the LCM of 2 numbers, and computing a factorial. Packed with over 200 real-world math, science, and computer science problems, Python 201 is designed to turn students who complete the course into confident coders and learners.

Armed with a solid understanding of Python, your students will become more confident in their ability to apply coding to address real-world problems. Whether they want to build their own Rock Paper Scissors game, calculate the value of pi, or prepare for a career in CS, they’ll be able to do that with Python!

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