3 Reasons Parents Choose a Tynker Coding Education

Last Updated: April 12, 2018 3:01 pm
3 Reasons Parents Choose a Tynker Coding Education

3 Reasons Parents Choose a Tynker Coding Education

When you’re looking for a way to help your child learn to code, it can be hard to know where to start – especially if you’re not familiar with coding yourself. An impactful coding platform must be engaging enough to draw kids in and challenging enough to help them learn. With Tynker’s interest-based curriculum, more than 60 million kids around the world have achieved coding confidence! We’ve spoken to the parents in our community to learn more about how their families use Tynker – see why so many choose to invest in a coding education with Tynker!

We surveyed Tynker parents to see why they chose to purchase a Tynker plan – the majority want to prepare their kids for the future with a coding education!

1) Coding will be a required skill in the future

“Jobs are changing, and if you’re going to move forward and you’re going to be successful in the future, you need those building blocks to be able to develop and integrate yourself in society.” – Heather, Featured Maker Zac’s mom

Tynker parents cite preparation for the future as the top reason they chose to purchase a Tynker plan for their child. Whether or not your child plans to enter a CS career, coding has become a modern literacy that’s important for a wide range of professions. Parents know that now is the time to prepare their kids with a strong coding education!

“Coding is the future! Technology is here, it’s now, it’s changing every day and they are just so far ahead of us adults, so I just think it’s the way of their futures.” – Lisy, Featured Maker Sebastian’s mom

2) Coding prepares kids for CS careers

“People say that technology is taking over a lot of jobs, but also at the same time there’s a high demand for people who write code…for everyone that leaves, there are three people coding to replace them.” – Liz, Featured Maker Connor’s mom

Coding skills are in high demand these days. By 2020, there will be 1 million more computing jobs than CS students, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics; we need people with coding skills to meet the demands of the growing tech industry. Tynker parents see an opportunity to prepare their kids for the future by helping them learn to code.

“To be cliché, it’s where everything’s going, so it’s the future for [Thomas]. He’s interested in it, and I think a lot of the careers in the future are going to have to do with coding.” – Robert, Featured Maker Thomas’s dad

3) Coding adds to kids’ school education

“It made them more curious. They’re better at seeking out things. They don’t have to wait for us anymore – and I see that beyond coding class. I see them doing that in math or reading.” – Ms. Lynch, Featured Maker Alyssa’s teacher

A coding education doesn’t only teach kids technical skills – learning to code can help kids develop creativity, improve their writing, and get better at math! Parents, as well as teachers, are noticing the importance of coding in the greater school environment. Parents are even advocating that coding play a larger role in their kids’ education!

“I feel like coding and programming should be integrated into the larger curriculum so they have a more immersive learning experience.” – Rosaline, Featured Maker Helen’s mom

With so many reasons to get your child coding, why not start today? A Tynker Pro plan offers access to 1,500+ coding activities, all our online coding courses, and 11 iPad courses – including JavaScript, Python, and our upcoming Web Design and Augmented Reality courses!


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