New Minecraft Course! AGENT RECALL

Last Updated: March 11, 2021 4:09 pm
New Minecraft Course! AGENT RECALL

New Minecraft Course! AGENT RECALL

Tynker is excited to announce the launch of our new Minecraft course, Agent Recall: A Virtual Escape Room. Why are we so excited? Well, our talented developers have never created anything quite like this!

We listened to our coders who love Minecraft and pledged to take the fun up a notch, or ten, while still making a course teaching valuable coding skills. 

In this incredible Minecraft adventure, your child will use their coding skills to unlock a series of secrets to overcome obstacles as they traverse through a game world.

Agent Recall is available to everyone with a paid home subscription. Minecraft for Windows 10 version 1.16.210 or higher is required for this course.

Students will use Tynker Block coding to program the challenges in this course, which is recommended for kids ages 7+. No previous coding experience is required.

Start the course by following onscreen instructions to load the custom Minecraft world, and you’re good to go!

How does it work?

To start this adventure, download the Minecraft world and install it in your Minecraft client. You’ll then be able to explore the world with Tynker and Minecraft side-by-side on your screen. Just write your code on the left and instantly watch the results in your Minecraft world!

This course focuses on creating Minecraft Mods, or code that can augment your Minecraft world as you play, offering a perfect starting point for anyone who wants to learn how to create Minecraft mods while following fundamental coding principles.

The goal of Agent Recall is to solve all the coding challenges in 6 amazing adventure worlds. To finish this course, you’ll complete 48 challenges!

As you complete each world, you’ll collect a key. With all 6 keys, you’ll be able to unlock the multiplayer game world with 4 additional programmable games that you can code and play with your friends.

In Western Wilds, you’ll learn the basics of coding in Minecraft by solving puzzles, giving yourself items, and applying effects to survive in this dangerous western-themed world.

Then in Precious Pastures, you’ll learn how to use loops, summon mobs, solve movement puzzles, and meet your Minecraft agent, Codey! —a helpful robot you can control with code in this fantastic forest world!

Blustery Cove is a sunken water world where you learn how to teleport, creating basic structures and teleporting past obstacles. 

In Chilly Cavern’s frozen world, you use loops and conditional logic to program agent Codey to help you detect traps and navigate around tight spaces.

Scallywag Beach is a tropical world where you’ll learn how to use event parameters and variables to make your code more powerful, so you can scour the seas as a pirate, find buried treasure, and survive Codebeard’s trials.

Finally, in Skyward Spire, you’ll learn to define functions, then combine everything you’ve learned from the other worlds to climb the spire! Build bridges through the sky, complete minecart tracks, and try not to fall as you race to collect the final key!

Scallywag Beach

Skyward Spire


Bonus Multiplayer Games

Besides learning how to code, you’ll have fun in Minecraft too. As you enter new worlds and complete coding challenges, you’ll unlock 4 multiplayer mini-games. Think of these player-versus-player challenges as your reward for code well-written! 

  • Spleef — Be the last one to survive in the classic Minecraft game. Try not to fall!
  • Escape Race — Put your coding skills to the test in this escape room race. The first one across the finish line wins!
  • Build Battle — Compete with friends to build the best structure related to a random prompt! The player with the most votes wins!
  • Scavenger Hunt — Navigate an island and complete challenges in search of gold blocks. Whoever collects the most gold blocks wins!

Escape Room Race

Invite your friends and have a blast. These multiplayer modes make Agent Recall the perfect course for an after-school activity, a coding club, or simply entertainment for the whole family.

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