NEW! Learn Python in Jungle Run, Our First Home Python Course

Last Updated: January 11, 2017 3:26 pm
NEW! Learn Python in Jungle Run, Our First Home Python Course

NEW! Learn Python in Jungle Run, Our First Home Python Course

In Tynker’s first Python course for home users, kids can transition to Python as they solve puzzles and build fun games. Jungle Run is self-paced and emphasizes the creative and analytical parts of coding. Kids will love creating browser-based games using Python and, as a parent, you’ll love that they’re learning important, real-world skills that will prepare them for AP Computer Science and beyond. Plus, Jungle Run reinforces subjects that your kids are learning in school, like geometry and algebra, in a way that is fun and relevant.

Jungle Run starts by introducing Python syntax and programming logic through a series of puzzles. In these puzzles, kids learn important Python programming constructs like “do-while” loops, expressions, and variables. Then kids are introduced to turtle graphics with open-ended coding tutorials where they create simple programs that gradually introduce new concepts that they’ll need to build more advanced games. In the final part of Jungle Run, kids bring together everything they’ve learned to create some awesome games.

At the end of Jungle Run, kids are able to program their own games starting from nothing–this includes setting up a turtle screen, keeping track of game state and variables, implementing the game logic, creating their own graphics, and much more. They’ll make games like Connect 4, Snake, Tetris, and Pong.

Jungle Run is best for kids who have already done at least one Tynker course using our block-based coding language. They should be familiar with coding concepts and able to implement simple games in Tynker. This course builds on that knowledge while adding the challenges (and rewards) of text syntax. We recommend Jungle Run for ages 12+.

If you already have a Tynker subscription, you can just log into your account to get started. Jungle Run is included with any Tynker subscription, so take a look at our plans to see which one is right for your family!

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