Make Your Own Custom Minecraft Skins 

Last Updated: June 7, 2023 10:18 am
Make Your Own Custom Minecraft Skins 

You know that you can make Minecraft mods with Tynker, but did you know that you can change Skins, Items, and Blocks, too? Tynker provides convenient editors that let you totally customize your Minecraft world. Try making your own skin at the link below!

Need some ideas for skins? You can also browse available starter skins in your Dashboard

Free Community Skins

Discover skin ideas and inspiration from Tynker’s creative Minecraft modding Community, too! 

You’ll find cool custom skins you can use and reimagine like:

And literally thousands more! Make something cool yourself? Don’t forget to Publish your cool skins and mods to the Tynker community!

Import Your Skin

So you’ve done it, you’ve completed your first skin design. Now you want to deploy it to Minecraft!

Here’s the big idea of how it works: 

Step 1. Paint Your Skin in Tynker. Make sure to get every section of your skin! Click and drag to rotate. Click to hide elements of your model, too, using the 3D model in the bottom right. This will help you paint any “hard to reach” places. 

Step 2. Download Skin. When you’re finished, download your skin as an .PNG  file, and remember where you save your file.

Step 3. Let’s See It! Then launch Minecraft. Click on Dressing Room from the Minecraft start screen. Navigate to the Classic Skins tab, choose Owned > Choose New Skin, then select your file. Choose the correct body type. Now start Minecraft and play!

Still wondering: How can I see my skin? On Windows, press F5 to cycle through different cameras (first person, over-the-shoulder, and so forth). On iPad, find camera controls in your Settings (Pause >  Settings > Video > Camera Perspective). 

Explore Modding Tutorials and Courses

Don’t forget you can go beyond changing your Minecraft Skin. Change the textures of your world, mob behaviors, and even change the “rules of the game” using Tynker mods. 

Here are a few ideas of what’s available to Tynker subscribers.

Mythicraft — Transform ordinary Minecraft mobs into mythological monsters! Invent your own Minecraft add-ons using Tynker’s simplified mob editor. You can even change mobs’ 3D models! Watch the trailer below. 

Mind Crafters — Take a cool Minecraft modding course that shows you how to use all of Tynker’s amazing modding abilities. Build pyramids, skyscrapers, and even a complete roller coaster!

Even More Minecraft Inspiration

Do you love comics? Take some inspiration from our friends at Epic Originals! Check out their series on modding Minecraft using the beloved characters from Cat Ninja, The Bright Family, and so much more! Recreate your favorite characters, right in Minecraft!

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