Learn To Code Over The Holidays!

Last Updated: December 10, 2021 9:20 am
Learn To Code Over The Holidays!

Winter is coming! Which means so is the Winter Holiday. This break from school is a great time for children to play sports, read, and explore the great outdoors. Of course, they’ll also gravitate toward their phones, laptops, and computers. And with Tynker, that’s a good thing!

So this holiday season, why not have your children be more productive on their devices and learn how to code by making super-cool games and projects? With Tynker, not only will your children be learning a valuable life-long skill, but they’ll be having fun too. Still not sure? CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT and see firsthand what Tynker is all about.  

Tynker Makes Learning To Code Fun

Our gamified story-based courses and activities motivate children to learn more and more so they can begin to code their own games, art, music, websites, robots, drones, and more. Meanwhile, as they bring their ideas and imagination to life through coding, they’ll also be building essential skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

“Coding is an increasingly beneficial skill that will open their eyes to future employment opportunities. It also supports our core academic content in a fun and novel way.” 

Tynker Teacher 9/21

Tynker Survey 9/2021; Parents n=1,055 & teachers n= 39

Winter Break Is A Great Time To Code

Two weeks of vacation is more than enough time for your child to ramp up their coding skills and complete some really amazing projects. So, if you’re looking for some fun holiday activities to get your kids coding, here are a few seasonal tutorials:

Start with one of our beginner courses like Ice Art: Click and drag on the screen to steer a penguin across the ice and turn skating into a work of art!

Snowflake Maker is an intermediate course in which you can exercise your creativity and coding skills by designing a snowflake! Along the way, you’ll use coding concepts like functions, simple events, and simple messaging.

For those of you wanting to try a more advanced project using a real-world coding language like Python, try Snowflake Maker Advanced. Every click draws a line that is duplicated and reflected to make a snowflake design!

In New Year’s Resolution, you’ll create an avatar with the Actor’s gear icon and then make your New Year’s Resolution using code blocks such as broadcast, animate, and say for.

At Tynker, we aim to inspire kids to spend time over the holidays creating projects with code. They’ll have fun, be creative, and learn a crucial skill. And, they’ll have an awesome project to share with their family, friends, and the Tynker community.

More Tynker!

While you’re at it, Tynker has 3 amazing eBooks with step-by-step instructions:

  1. Code These Games — Code & Play 15 incredible interactive games like Soarin’ Strawberry, Cupcake Clicker, and Star Runner that run right in your browser with nothing to install.
  1. Code This Art — Code & Design 18 super-cool projects by programming art, music, and more, all right in your browser with nothing to install.
  1. Tynker Toolbox — Design. Code. Play. Learn to use 12 innovative creativity tools. All assets included. Plus, it all runs right in your browser with nothing to install.

Kids Of All Ages Love Minecraft!

It’s TRAINING DAY, an epic course to complete Tynker’s Minecraft trilogy!

Tynker is excited about the recent launch of our latest Minecraft coding course, Training Day, where young coders learn how to make their own Minecraft skins, items, blocks, mobs, and more!

If you’re new to Minecraft modding, Training Day is a great course to get you started creating your own avatar in Minecraft and customizing your world.

This beginner-friendly Minecraft course joins Tynker’s previous immersive adventures:

  • Agent Recall — Get coding in this immersive Minecraft Escape Room by exploring mods to break out of the enchanted castle. Ages 7+.
  • Gears of Time — Travel through time creating minigames and solving 48 coding challenges in 6 different worlds, such as Rainbow Ninja and Haunted Theme Park.

Looking For More Coding Activities?

Check out our Course Catalog.

We can’t wait to see what your child will create with code!


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