From the Tynker Team, With Love

Last Updated: December 18, 2018 10:14 am
From the Tynker Team, With Love

Thanks to You, We had an Amazing 2018!

Dear Tynker Community,

We’re so excited about everything that happened this year and we wanted to share with you our favorite highlights!

Exciting Growth

In 2018, kids completed over 30 million coding challenges and created 10 million projects!

Inspiring Makers & Projects

We were super impressed by our community of makers! Take for example Natalie, who made a stop-motion animation with tin foil called Tin Foil Catch. Featured Maker Pranay’s “Junk Food Eating” is deliciously detailed, and in Anna’s “Tynker Tiny Things: Rules” you can learn how to have a great experience with the Tynker community!

Some of our favorite projects are “Lines” by Byron, where you drag your cursor around to make really cool line designs! In Harpoon by dude202, you can capture fish of all different kinds. Oskar’s project “Zlatan Ibrahimović war” features his favorite soccer player (Ibrahimović), and in Zara’s “Dress Her Up,” you can decide what clothes to put on your character.

Fantastic Minecraft mobs include Conscious Climate’s “Ninja Chicken” and Overcooked Neutron’s “Snow Golem”!


5 NEW Awesome Coding Courses

 Mind Crafters – Introduces kids to add-on development on Minecraft for PC and iPad editions

 Mythicraft – Kids Learn to see cause & effect as they code to modify behaviors and see them act differently in the program

Augmented Reality – Get kids motivated in the exciting new field of Pokemon Go and Ikea Place!

Real World Python – Made for middle schoolers and high schoolers–get into the real programming language!

Barbie You Can Be Anything Programming Experience – Great way for girls to explore coding in 6 fun careers!

NEW Multi-player Coding Battle Game

In this exciting coding challenge, kids must create the best code in order to win! Crystal Clash makes coding collaborative as kids battle against their opponents. They must respond to other players’ code and strategize accordingly! Kids will complete fun coding activities like casting fireballs, avoiding incoming spells, and breaking through obstacles—all while becoming better coders!

Two NEW Mobile Apps Launched

In addition to the Tynker app, we’ve added 2 more fun apps, so your coders can have fun while developing 21st century skills!

Mod Creator – Made especially for Minecraft lovers

Tynker Junior – Even young children ages 5-7 can start learning programming with these picture-based coding challenges

Text Code Editor with 100+ Starter Projects

Code Editor – A new tool for text coding with interactive tutorials

JavaScript – Make fun widgets, web apps and games using JavaScript, like this Pie Chart by Dearest Success that tells you numbers of game users when you hover over a color!


With CSS/HTML Templates and Python starter projects you can make apps, games, and more!

Personalized Dashboard for Kids

Tynker has a new dashboard that adapts to your skill level and makes learning to code even more exciting!  We’ve added recommended activities based on your interests, project feeds from makers that you follow in the community, and tailored DIY projects based on your level. How’s that for motivation? The parent dashboard is better designed for families, and with our new family plans everyone can join in the fun!

Cool Seasonal Projects Throughout the Year

Through periodic and relevant coding challenges, kids stay engaged and develop their skills throughout the year. We’ve had so many great seasonal projects to help you celebrate holidays and seasons! Our fun activities are sure to motivate kids to practice their coding skills. This year’s seasonal projects and annual coding events included Valentine’s Day activities, Bake the Perfect Pi, our Summer Code-a-Thon, Spooky Brew, and so much more!

Hour of Code This year for Hour of Code we added 8 new activities to help kids stay engaged and excited about coding. Tynker is committed to supporting coders of all levels, which is why there’s something for everyone, from our Change the World block-based coding project to Superhero Mask, where students use HTML and CSS!

As we move into 2019, we’ll continue to innovate more ways to engage kids. Coding is a vital 21st century skill that teaches perseverance, critical thinking, creativity and so much more, which is why we can’t wait to get more kids involved in the learn-to-code movement!

Happy New Year from the Tynker Team!

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