Learn JavaScript and Python

Learning JavaScript, Python, and other text-based programming languages is a breeze with our game-based puzzles and self-directed courses. Kids learn core programming concepts such as loops, conditionals, and syntax as they type in code to solve fun coding puzzles.

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Get started with code

Tynker's interactive notebooks are based on a form of programming called "literate programming", pioneered by Stanford computer scientist Donald Knuth. We believe that emphasizing the expository nature of problem-solving helps kids better understand coding and results in a deeper knowledge of how the code works.

Use Text Syntax

Solve Coding Puzzles

Build Games and Apps

Design Algorithms

Counter Hack

Toxic Jungle

Learning JavaScript and Python at home

Our home plans offer everything your child needs to start learning text based programming languages.

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  1. Create a Tynker account
  2. Try Counter Hack or Jungle Run
  3. Explore courses and learn more about home plans.
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Learn JavaScript and Python at school

In these advanced lesson plans, students are introduced to text-based coding as they complete engaging lessons, solve challenging puzzles, and build their own games. These courses are ideal for students who are comfortable with the basics of programming logic and computational thinking.

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