FREE Tynker at Home offer for students learning to code at School

Last Updated: March 19, 2020 12:07 pm
FREE Tynker at Home offer for students learning to code at School

At Tynker, we know you’re concerned about the effect of the COVID-19 coronavirus on not just the health and safety of your loved ones but on the education of your students in the weeks to come. 

That’s why we’re making Tynker for Home, our premium home learning program that complements our school product, available for FREE during school closures:

  • Glitch Manor — An immersive point and click adventure where students explore a haunted mansion, fight off zombies, and solve mysteries with code
  • Augmented Reality — A fun course where students learn to build games with webcams using gestures and video special effects
  • Python — A game-based introduction to Python where students guide a warrior through a jungle maze and build classic arcade-style games
  • Mod Starter Pack — Students who love Minecraft will learn the basics of Minecraft Modding as they build skins, mods, and add-ons
  • Barbie™ You Can Be Anything™ — Students explore six fun careers and discover how programming concepts can be applied to each one!
  • 200+ Tutorials — Students get creative with art, music, storytelling, game design, robotics, and more with code 
  • 500+ Coding Puzzles — Students complete fun coding puzzles like Candy Quest, Dragon Spells, Counter Hack, Hot Wheels, Barbie Pet Vet, and more!

Even if you’ve been using Tynker for Schools, using Tynker for Home boosts kids’ confidence and accelerates their coding skills. Here are some of the additional benefits offered by Tynker for Home:

  • Immersive story-based courses where students learn by themselves without needing a teacher to assign a lesson
  • Incentives like experience points, leveling up, Tynker coins, avatars, badges, certificates, and more!
  • Multiplayer code battles like Crystal Clash where students compete with code and try to get ranked on a leaderboard
  • 7 courses on Minecraft modding and 3D game design
  • Regular activity updates via email and a progress dashboard

We hope these resources will ensure that your kids’ time away from the classroom doesn’t mean time away from learning. 

Parents or students can sign up with their personal email accounts to get started with Tynker for Home for FREE! 

Please share this blog with any student or parent who may be interested. 


Free resources available till April 30, 2020

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