Community Highlights October 9-October 15

Last Updated: October 16, 2017 12:36 pm
Community Highlights October 9-October 15
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Community Highlights October 9-October 15

Happy Monday! We’re excited to bring you the best and brightest of the Tynker community. This week, we saw some particularly fantastic projects and tweets and posted some interesting articles on our blog! Take a stab at the games and let us know which one is your favorite!

Projects of the Week:

Dab Clicker: This clicker game gives funny predictions about the future of dabbing! Click the stick figure to make him dab and spend your points on upgrades.

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Traditional Origami Boat: Watch a hand-drawn tutorial on how to make an origami boat!

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Defender of the Galaxy PC Version: Survive as long as you can in this space shooter game! 

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AVOID THE CHILDREN: You are a ghost! Collect the glowing lights while avoiding being damaged by the kids.

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Tweets of the Week:

Check out this teacher’s rave review of Tynker on Twitter.

This user is loving our drone compatibility!

So cute – this second grader is having a great time coding on an iPad!

Nice! These kids used Tynker to make flashcards in class.

Featured Maker Noah taught a class at his school to use Tynker!

On the Blog:

This week’s Featured Maker was Alyanna. She wants to be an architect who codes in her free time to relieve stress! We continued our “Women in STEM” series with this article highlighting Frances “Fran” Allen and her amazing work with IBM on compilers, and most recently, we posted this article about ways kids thrive in the Tynker community.

Tynker in the News:

TechRadar published this article about coding a Mambo drone with Tynker! The journalist reported that his nine-year-old son loved it, writing, “he began to see the true power of coding.”

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