Community Highlights October 2-October 8

Last Updated: October 10, 2017 9:00 am
Community Highlights October 2-October 8
Race Track

Community Highlights October 2-October 8

It’s always so hard to decide which projects and tweets to include in our highlights each week! This week, we settled on an interactive prison escape, an amazing race car project, and a fun game cooking game (with a dinosaur). Play to your heart’s content, and have a great week!

Projects of the Week:

EscapePrison: You robbed a bank, and got caught! Now you have to escape from prison.

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Race car: Explore three different race tracks with music in the background!

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Lilys Christmas Part 1: Help dinosaurs bake Christmas cookies in this cool project!

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Tweets of the Week:

Even adults love Tynker!

This tweet shows kids coding with the caption, “Future computer programmers?” Totally!

Cute! Kids love Minecraft!

Another great classroom video of kids coding with Tynker.

On the Blog:

This week’s Featured Maker was Lauren! We asked her how coding might help her in the future and she said, “Well, when I’m creating robots in my scientist high-tech lab when I grow up, I’ll show them all my old projects and everyone will think they’re really cool.”

We also posted this article highlighting some of the best projects in the Tynker community and explained how to create Minecraft Add-Ons here.

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