Community Highlights: July 9 – July 15

Last Updated: July 16, 2018 6:00 am
Community Highlights: July 9 – July 15

Community Highlights: July 9 – July 15

Happy Monday! The Tynker community was busy working on Week 2 of the Summer Code-A-Thon last week – our young coders put their creativity and talent to work creating pet-themed games and more. Continue on to check out some of our users’ amazing work!

Projects of the Week

Nobility (Fixed) (STRATEGY GAME) by Early World

This is one of the best strategy games we’ve seen on Tynker! You have to manage resources carefully to win.

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Fishing Cat by Clean Flock

Instead of playing with your pet, you can play as your pet in this project. Catch the fish in the pond, but don’t touch the sharks!

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If I have a cat… by Small Last

This user expanded upon the Week 2 tutorial by adding several mini-games, including fishing and solving math problems.

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ALIEN BOSS by Aware Yield

This boss fight has excellent gameplay. Hint: Use the boss’s homing missile to help defeat him.

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Cat hero Adventure by Jason

This game has several different endings depending on the choices you make. Play more than once to see them all!

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Cat Simulator by Dependable Grape

This pet simulator game lets you take care of your cat by feeding and bathing it. You can also teach it to do tricks and fight.

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Bacterial Arcade by Fitting Quicksand

This game applies biology concepts to an arcade shooter. You control a white blood cell with the goal of defeating as many viruses and bacteria as you can.

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Tweets of the Week

Twitter was quiet again this week, but we did see this sweet tweet about Tynker + Barbie!

Did you catch Tynker CEO Krishna Vedati and Featured Maker Mckenna on Good Day LA last week?

On the Blog

This week’s Featured Makers were Talon and Logan! Talon has big plans for his future – he aspires to be a rock star and an app designer! Logan told us, “I really like that you can explore other people’s projects, because I’d be totally lost without being able to see what other people have been up to.”

We also had a guest post this week – check out this article about how schools in Phenix, Georgia, are achieving college and career readiness with Tynker! ” …we believe it’s our greatest responsibility…to prepare our students for jobs that may not have been created yet.”

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