Community Highlights: June 16 – June 22

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Last Updated: June 25, 2018 1:29 pm
Community Highlights: June 16 – June 22

Community Highlights: June 16 – June 22

Happy Monday! We love recapping what the Tynker community has been up to. This week, Tynker users created awesome projects in which you can save the world, dodge homework, and more! Don’t miss our Twitter and blog recaps, either.

Projects of the Week

Saving the world by Aiden

In this adventure game, you have 1 hour to save the world from being destroyed by a meteor. How will you stop it?

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Homework killer by marpooh

Defend yourself against the incoming homework. How much homework can you destroy?

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Block Fall Xtreme by Murky Phoenix

Use your mouse to dodge all the falling blocks!

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The game that makes a game! by shoddypraise275

This user made a simple level editor, including enemies and obstacles. Click the objects at the top to add them.

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Darkness… by Eric

To beat this game, you’ll have to play multiple times to memorize the boss’s movement pattern.

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BEFORE THE BANK by Adored Opossum

In this adventure game, you have to escape from prison. This user has released a number of short adventure games like this.mies and obstacles. Click the objects at the top to add them.

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Tweets of the Week

Cute video of this kid learning how to layer code in Tynker!

Looks like these kids are engrossed in learning to program drones.

These teachers seem excited about this drone presentation.

Check out these 7th graders coding interactive maps!

Sounds like this tweet is from a young coder – it’s pretty cute!

These second graders are hanging out in the sun, coding! Awesome.

We saw a couple cool international tweets this week from the Netherlands and Argentina!

On the Blog

This week’s Featured Makers were Ryan and Mia. Ryan coded a game as a birthday gift to his dad, and Mia jots down ideas for coding projects when she’s out and about. It’s always fun to get to know some of our amazing users!

We also posted about our new Minecraft modding app, as well as about our cool golfing Father’s Day project.

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