6 Coding Tips from Our Featured Makers

Last Updated: June 26, 2018 9:00 am
6 Coding Tips from Our Featured Makers

6 Coding Tips from Our Featured Makers

Call over your kids – this article is for them! For kids, nothing is more inspiring than hearing from successful peers. Tynker makers agree that while coding isn’t always easy, it’s an important challenge to take on. Our fantastic Featured Makers have shared their tips and tricks for other kids learning to code; see what they’re saying!

If they’re apprehensive about coding…

  1. Gibson: “I’d tell them, don’t neglect coding until you’ve tried it. You can have a lot of fun with it, and if you don’t know how to do it, keep trying! Take some courses! Use Tynker!”
  2. Noelle: “They should know that Tynker is a wonderful app and they can create whatever they can desire! One, report projects that are disturbing; two, have fun; three, don’t let a lack of likes get you down; four, you can draw; and five, likes are wonderful! Those are five tips I would give them.”

If they don’t know where to start…

  1. Timothy: “I’d probably give them the advice to start with Codey’s Candy Quest, and then basically just go on and on and on. Just have fun! Start with Candy Quest and then just go to the one they think is most enjoyable, they could go on and on and start making their own programs.”
  2. Mckenna: “Do some of the courses first, and then also just have fun! Just have lots of fun with it! Have as much fun as you can, because if you make a game and then you get bored of it, you’re going to cut corners and it’s not going to be as great of a game as it could’ve been.”

If they’re stuck…

  1. Yaamini: “Learn to code. Go to lessons and learn, and start easy. Don’t go too hard on yourself, don’t start making your own projects at first because that’s what I tried to do, and I had no idea what I was going to do, then I started learning from tutorials. You can drag any block to the Codey character and it’ll tell you what it’s about.”
  2. Preston: “I would say to never give up. Once you start a project and something is hard don’t just quit it. If you have trouble coming up with an idea, just ask your family and friends – or look on Tynker, because loads of people use Tynker! If you want to get ideas, just look at other projects. There’s a project loaded about every five seconds.”

A bonus piece of advice from Featured Maker Matthew: “Just let your imagination go loose!”

There’s nothing holding kids back as they learn to code with Tynker – get started today!

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