Community Highlights: February 27 – March 5

Last Updated: March 6, 2017 10:00 am
Community Highlights: February 27 – March 5

Community Highlights: February 27 – March 5

Tynkerers have been coding up a storm! Here’s what’s new in the Tynker community from this past week:

Featured Makers

We featured four more amazing makers this week: Madi, who wants to be an elementary school teacher, Jonah, who wants to be a coder, Ethan, who wants to be an animator, and Natasha, who wants to be a writer. Here are a few highlights from their interviews:

Ethan on how learning to code has changed how he sees video games: “When I play video games, I don’t think of it like I normally would when I was little. What I think is, ‘How could I make that?'”

Is there anything you wish was different about Tynker? “Not really. Out of all the coding apps I’ve used – I’ve used quite a few of them – Tynker is my favorite.” – Madi

Projects of the Week

Tynker Rap Battle!: In this rap battle, the ninja will face off against the goblin. Who will be the winner?

Remix This Project

Clan survival: This elaborate survival game was made by featured maker Elisha.

Remix This Project

My Project 4: A rhyming poem and animation – about tacos!!

Remix This Project

4 Cat: This game is made for your cat! (But humans can enjoy it too.)

Remix This Project

Tynker in the News

Tynker was featured in an MSN news piece about how drones will change our lives.

Tweets of the Week

If you’re not part of the Tynker community yet, join us! Teachers can participate on the Tynker Community Forum and by sharing on Twitter and Facebook. And kids can create and publish projects on any laptop, desktop, or Chromebook by making an account at They can also download the free Tynker app for iPads or Android tablets.

Happy Tynkering!

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