Community Highlights: February 20 – 26

Last Updated: February 27, 2017 9:55 am
Community Highlights: February 20 – 26

Community Highlights: February 20 – 26

Here’s what’s new in the Tynker community this past week:

Featured Makers

Three new kids joined our family of Featured Makers this week: Lennu, a 12-year-old from Finland, Drew, a 10-year-old from North Carolina, and Brayden, a 13-year-old from Singapore.

Projects of the Week

My Pet Hamster: In this adorable project, you can bathe, play with, and feed your very own pet hamster.

Remix This Project

Be Nice to People: I was very excited to see another respect-themed project in the Tynker community this week. This project encourages other kids to be nice to people, even those that they don’t like or don’t understand.

Remix This Project

Owl speed Draw: This project shows you, step by step, how to draw an owl.

Remix This Project

Tynker in the News

Tynker CTO Srini Mandyam was a guest columnist in The Virginian Pilot with an op-ed about a new Virginia bill that would allow high school students to use coding classes to fulfill the foreign language graduation requirement.

Tweets of the Week

We love when teachers and parents post about their success stories using Tynker. Make sure you tag us on Twitter with @goTynker!

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