Seasonal Coding Projects

  • Code with Monsters this Halloween!

    Code with Monsters this Halloween! Get coding with our fun Halloween programming activities! Start with a set of 20 puzzles, a...

  • Boys Coding with Tynker on iPad

    Using Physics with Tynker: Part 2

    Using Physics with Tynker: Part 2 Tynker’s Physics Engine allows kids to easily make all kinds of fun games, including this...

  • Tynker Physics Gif

    Using Physics with Tynker: Part 1

    Using Physics with Tynker: Part 1 Tynker’s Physics Engine allows children to make fun games using properties like bounciness,...

  • Tynker Ice World

    Design Your Own Adventure-Filled Platformer

    Design your own adventure-filled platformer with robot bugs, giant bosses, zombies, dragons and anything you can imagine using this...

  • Tynker Space Cow

    Space Cow – A Physics Puzzle Game

    Ever wanted to build a space game with physics? Here’s a fun game where you help Daisy the space cow fling asteroids...

  • Tynker Happy Independence Day

    Program Your Own 4th of July Fireworks!

    Enjoy safe fireworks without any dust, soot or smoke by designing your own special effects in this fun project...

  • Tynker Bad Guy Bowling

    Bad Guy Bowling

    Bad Guy Bowling is a fun multi-level game to build and play. In each level, bad guys are set up...

  • Tynker Father's Day Card

    Make A Fun Card for Dad

    A fun project just for dad! Follow easy instructions to customize the card with a personal message. It’s easy...

  • Tynker Goblin Quest Platformer

    Build an Adventure-Based Platformer Game

    Kids will be amazed at the variety of super cool games they can make as they learn programming with...

  • Goblin Quest Arcade Shooter

    Build an Arcade Space Shooter

    In Tynker’s Coding Adventures, as kids explore each game world they’ll have the opportunity to build different types of...


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