Space Cadet

Students learn coding concepts as they solve these puzzles to help their astronaut through the space journey. Request Quote

Course Summary
  • Grades 1 - 2
  • Beginner level
  • 8 lessons
  • Tynker Blocks
    • Web iPad
  • Full Voiceovers
Course Includes
  • 8 lessons
  • 48 activities
  • Enhanced Creativity Tools
  • Automatic Assessment
  • Tutorials and Reviews
  • Coding Puzzles
  • DIY Projects
  • Quizzes
  • Answer Keys
No previous coding experience required.


Designed for elementary readers, this course uses simple code blocks to introduce computational thinking and computer science basics. Students learn by connecting code blocks and apply constructs such as loops and conditional logic to create algorithms that solve problems. Space Cadet can be used online at or on an iPad using the Tynker app.

In Space Cadet, students help a crash-landed astronaut collect parts to repair their spaceship. As students complete each lesson, they are introduced to new concepts in a gentle progression. They first understand sequencing through a series of movement puzzles. Then they learn to recognize repeating patterns and apply loops to make their programs more efficient. Students explore events, actions, and conditional statements and apply these concepts to solve coding challenges. By the end of this course, students can solve puzzles with code, write algorithms using loops and conditionals, and debug simple programs.

Space Cadet maps directly to the elementary curriculum in Everyone Can Code program from Apple. Educators can download Apple Education’s free book Getting Started with Code 1 which provides additional guidance on how this course can be taught using an iPad.

Topics Covered

  • Flexible sequences
  • Loops
  • Debugging
  • Events
  • Conditional statements
  • Algorithms

What Students Learn

  • Understand sequences and code using sequences
  • Learn where loops can make instructions more efficient
  • Use debugging methods to solve problems in code
  • Code using events and actions
  • Use conditional statements to handle different scenarios
  • Design algorithms for more complex problems

Technical Requirements

* Online courses require a modern desktop computer, laptop computer, Chromebook, or Netbook with Internet access and a Chrome (29+), Firefox (30+), Safari (7+), or Edge (20+) browser. No downloads required.
* Tablet courses require an iPad (iOS 10+) with Tynker or Tynker Junior app installed and Internet access

1. Crash Landed!
7 activities
You've crash-landed on an alien planet! Sequence commands to follow the path and collect items that you'll need.
2. Dance Party
6 activities
Continue to collect parts for your spaceship. Then build sequences of animations to create an astronaut dance party!
3. Stay the Course
5 activities
There are many ways to solve a problem! Try using different strategies to collect more items that you'll need.
4. Walk. Jump. Repeat.
6 activities
Try to identify a pattern, and use loops to repeat these patterns and shorten your code!
5. Glitchy Code
6 activities
These puzzles have already been solved, but the solutions are glitchy! Can you debug them?
6. Asteroids
5 activities
Use different events, like touching or tilting your screen, to collect parts for your spaceship and dodge asteroids!
7. Shifty Aliens
5 activities
Can your code work in different situations? Use if statements to tackle tricky puzzles where the aliens are moving!
8. Blast Off!
8 activities
Write algorithms to find the last few items that you need! Then build your own program to make shapes and patterns.