Advance your class to intermediate level programming concepts using a wider set of visual blocks. In Snowball Siege, students learn about layering, Actor visibiliy, motion, and collisions. Then, in Star Runner, they use line drawing commands and program math art. They build several mini-games while understanding how to create more complex programs. After completing this lesson plan, students will be able to build a wide variety of school projects and their own comprehensive games.


  • Animation sequences
  • Motion
  • Game design basics
  • Built-in animation commands
  • Advanced keyboard and mouse control
  • Sending and receiving messages
  • Actor layering
  • Advanced events
  • Math operators
  • Functions

What Students Learn

  • Gain confidence in building a variety of programs
  • Apply programming concepts to build your own games
  • Design characters with multiple animation sequences
  • Write interactive stories with multiple scenes
  • Make an image editor using drawing primitives
  • Define more advanced keyboard and mouse interaction
  • Program special effects and explosions
  • Troubleshoot and debug programs

Technical Requirements

* Online courses require a modern desktop computer, laptop computer, Chromebook, or Netbook with Internet access and a Chrome (29+), Firefox (30+), Safari (7+), or Edge (20+) browser. No downloads required.
* Tablet courses require an iPad (iOS 10+) with Tynker or Tynker Junior app installed and Internet access

1. Review: Interactive Animation
7 activities
A review of frame-based animation, motion, and keyboard events.
2. Review: Pen Drawing
5 activities
Review Pen Drawing, Changing Colors, and Color Detection.
3. Review: Ghost Catcher
8 activities
Review sensing events that detect Actors touching and hiding Actors.
4. Review: Character Creator
10 activities
Review using the Character Creator and using the built-in animation blocks.
5. Show and Hide
9 activities
Learn to use When Actor Clicked, and position actors randomly on the screen.
6. Layers
11 activities
Learn to bring Actors forward and backward relative to other Actors.
7. Motion
9 activities
Learn to use the X and Y position of Actors to move them around the Stage.
8. Snowball Siege
8 activities
Learn to build the Snow Ball Siege Game.
9. Drawing Patterns
8 activities
Learn to draw patterns in the sky using pen drawing and turning motion.
10. Color Effects
9 activities
Learn to set color, change color, and add color effects to your program.
11. Stamping
7 activities
Learn to use stamping, text drawing and changing Actor size.
12. Star Runner
9 activities
Build the Star Runner to capture stars and make constellations!
13. Space Breaker
7 activities
Build a brick-breaking game using a timer, and the Stop All and Set Label blocks.
14. 2-Player Battle
7 activities
Use nested loops, repeat until, and conditional blocks to build a 2-Player Battle.
15. Sky Train
7 activities
Build Sky Train, a fun game where you chain platforms to build a moving train.
16. Final Lesson
9 activities
Using all the concepts you've learned, build these projects on your own. (5 DIY projects)