Why Use Tynker?

Last Updated: September 14, 2017 8:00 am
Why Use Tynker?

Why Use Tynker?

It’s no secret that learning to code is great for their academic, mental, and social development. With more than 50 million users around the world, Tynker is the leading solution among online schools for coding to empower kids to learn coding and become makers. So, what exactly makes Tynker the best solution for your child? Our revolutionary approach to helping kids learn to code, personalized learning paths, more than 1500 fun activities and coding projects, and an award-winning platform means that children of all ages can benefit from learning to code with Tynker!

Revolutionary approach to learning coding

Tynker introduces kids to coding with simple visual blocks. This technique allows young makers to learn the fundamentals of programming and make incredible creative projects without the frustrations of syntax. Whenever they’re ready, kids can start experimenting with text syntax in those same block-based activities by switching between visual and text code blocks. Once kids become familiar with programming basics and syntax, they can move to full text programming with Swift, Javascript, and Python.

We also focus on scenario-driven learning to reinforce important concepts and motivate kids to proceed through courses. Our interactive approach introduces programming concepts as kids build mini-games, solve puzzles, create coding projects, complete daily missions, earn exciting badges, and unlock new characters. This is why kids love learning with Tynker – even though they’re mastering important programming concepts, they just feel like they’re playing a game!

Individually tailored learning paths

Tynker is focused on interest-based learning. It’s a simple philosophy that means that kids who already love to play with drones or Minecraft will be more inclined (and genuinely excited) by the chance to integrate Tynker with those interests, expanding their potential for play while learning new skills.

With their own personalized learning path, any child can start learning with Tynker! Early learners start with block coding on an iPad with toddler’s games online like Space Cadet and Dragon Spells. These help them recognize patterns and master programming concepts like sequencing, loops, conditional logic, and algorithmic thinking. Minecraft mavens can use Tynker to create and deploy mods with the click of a button. Kids who’d like to dive deeper into concepts from the classroom will like creating projects with our STEM tutorials, and the puzzles in our interactive notebooks make it fun for independent makers to learn Javascript and Python at their own pace.

What programming languages are taught on Tynker?

Tynker, offers a diverse range of programming languages to cater to learners of all ages and skill levels. For beginners, Tynker provides a custom block-based language, known as Tynker Blocks, enabling young coders to grasp fundamental programming concepts through a visual and interactive approach. As students progress, they can explore the world of web development with HTML and CSS, creating and designing web pages. For more advanced learners, Tynker introduces JavaScript, a versatile language extensively used in web development. Java, another powerful and widely-used language, is also available on the platform, offering learners the opportunity to delve into object-oriented programming. Additionally, Tynker embraces the creative side of coding with p5.js and P5.py, popular libraries for creative coding and interactive art projects. With this extensive selection of programming languages, Tynker empowers learners to develop a broad set of skills and opens the door to diverse fields of computer science and software development.

Building Coding Skills Through Visual Blocks and Scenario-Driven Learning

With Tynker’s user-friendly interface, kids are introduced to programming concepts using colorful blocks, making coding accessible and enjoyable for all. Through a series of engaging scenarios and interactive challenges, Tynker seamlessly blends education and entertainment, fostering a deep understanding of coding logic while encouraging problem-solving skills. By immersing young minds in exciting storylines and real-world applications, Tynker nurtures their passion for technology and ignites a lifelong curiosity for programming. As young learners progress, they seamlessly transition from visual blocks to text-based coding languages like Python and JavaScript, preparing them for more advanced challenges. With Tynker’s creative and dynamic approach to building coding skills, the next generation of tech-savvy innovators is empowered to shape the future with confidence and competence.

Tynker takes personalized learning to the forefront by customizing learning paths for children, ensuring an engaging and effective coding journey. At the beginning of their learning adventure, Tynker asks a few targeted questions to understand each child’s interests, experience level, and learning style. Armed with this valuable insight, the platform strategically places them on a tailored learning path, perfectly aligned with their unique needs and preferences. By catering to individual strengths and areas of growth, Tynker optimizes the learning experience, keeping children motivated and inspired as they delve into the world of coding. Whether a beginner taking their first steps or an advanced coder seeking new challenges, Tynker’s personalized approach empowers children to learn at their pace, fostering a deeper understanding of programming concepts and fostering a lifelong passion for coding and technology

Turning tinkerers into makers

With a Tynker plan, kids get unlimited access to 18 award-winning courses, from basic programming to writing apps in JavaScript and Python. With over 1500 fun coding activities spanning various interests and experience levels, there’s something for everyone. Our game-based courses are self-guided, so kids can progress through all that Tynker has to offer at their own pace.

We’ve got rave reviews!

Tynker’s award-winning creative computing platform is used by one in three US K–8 schools and by more than 50 million kids spanning over 200 countries – together, Tynker users have written over 2.6 billion lines of code! We’ve been the recipient of several awards, including the Parents’ Choice Gold Award and the Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award, and were rated 5 stars for Engagement and Quality from Common Sense Media. Our global partners include brands such as Apple, Microsoft, iDTech, Mattel, PBS, Sylvan Learning, and more. Still not sold? Let our users tell you what they love about Tynker!

“As a parent, I’m so satisfied. I’m seeing my son’s progress, and [Tynker] keeps up his interest in so many areas…It’s hard to motivate kids in serious programming, but this app gets kids more and more into coding through the games!” – Sravanthi, mom of Featured Maker Nitish

“What I’ve learned is that this isn’t just playing a game. This really allows a child’s creativity to come through, which I think is phenomenal. I think it’s great that it teaches the child the steps involved, because I think it helps with their reasoning and analyzing a situation, as well as problem solving.” – Maria, mom of Featured Maker Gabriella

“I love [seeing Brenda’s projects] because she’s not just playing somebody else’s game. She gets to create with her own imagination, so it’s really good.” – Misty, mom of Featured Maker Brenda

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Tynker enables children to learn computer programming in a fun and imaginative way. More than 60 million kids worldwide have started learning to code using Tynker.