Discover What’s New at Tynker Coding for Kids!

Last Updated: August 15, 2023 8:38 am
Discover What’s New at Tynker Coding for Kids!

As we welcome the new school year, it’s exciting to share that our coding program has expanded remarkably. Our ongoing commitment is to empower every student with coding skills before they graduate from high school. Let’s make this academic year the most code-tastic yet!

  • My Coding Path: An easy-to-follow path to coding excellence tailored to the individual learner with 6 self-guided levels featuring 300 lessons.
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: New block-coding course, exploring Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in a fun, hands-on way.
  • New and Improved Drawing Tool: Tynker’s new vector drawing tool is baked into every project now so you can animate with ease.
  • New Animated Courses: These two courses cover everything from online safety to how computers work and why coding matters!
  • Coding Cup: As an Official Sponsor of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, BYJU’s launched the BYJU’S Coding Cup, a global coding competition.

Learn More About These Big Changes:

My Coding Path Helps Kids Master Coding!

Computer programming is a lifelong journey so we’re constantly looking for new and better ways to take our young coders from novices to experts. That’s why we’ve designed an easy-to-follow pathway to coding excellence—tailored to the individual learner—with 6 self-guided levels featuring 300 lessons.

With hands-on tutorials and videos, young coders complete fun interactive challenges to learn the fundamental concepts of computer science. Meanwhile, Tynker’s system grows in complexity with the learner in a scaffolded, goal-orientated, and customized learning curriculum that will reward your child for reaching new levels and motivate them to keep pushing forward.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning!

Smartphones, smart cars, smart TVs — did you ever wonder how all this technology got so smart? The answer is AI or Artificial Intelligence. So how can young coders use Artificial Intelligence in their Tynker projects? We’ve been working on that!

Tynker was excited to announce a new block-coding course, exploring Artificial Intelligence in a fun, hands-on way. Not only that, you’ll find an all-new set of AI code blocks available to everyone!

You’ve always been able to use live video and your computer’s webcam with Tynker’s Augmented Reality blocks (AR).

But now we’ve added face, hand, and body tracking to the system, allowing for amazing interactive projects!

Here’s the link to the coding elective course: Introduction to AI/ML. Your child will be able to explore artificial intelligence and machine learning with block code to make their projects come alive in an all-new way.

Want to write JavaScript programs that use AI, too? Get started with artificial intelligence in a fun, interactive notebook in Tynker’s latest course called Artificial Intelligence. Experiment with code as you read! Instructional videos, playable sample projects, and interactive explanations will help you get the big picture, right away.

Take the plunge and learn about Artificial Intelligence, whether it’s with block code or JavaScript!

Tynker’s New and Improved Drawing Tool!

It’s time to get creative! Tynker’s new vector drawing tool is baked into every project now. It’s a tool update so just click “Create New Project” to see it — Add Actor > Drawing Tool. Here’s a video, Introduction to Vector Editor, on YouTube to get your child started.

The vector drawing tool lets you draw cartoon shapes and precise lines. Here are some other benefits: Artwork scales up and down, without losing quality. Animate with ease — squish, rotate, and squeeze objects to create animations fast. Work with layers to control artwork and no more jagged lines.

New Animated Courses – Tynker’s, All About Computers

Come along on an amazing CARTOON learning adventure! Explore key ideas of digital literacy and learn how to stay safe online with your favorite Tynker characters, Super Squad and Puffball Panic!

We’ve added two incredible courses to our school curriculum which will soon be available to our home users as well. These two courses introduce students to concepts in computers, computing, digital literacy, and more. 

All About Computers 1 – Pre-K-Grade 2 (Beginner level) 7 lessons

In this course, students get introduced to computing basics as they watch entertaining and educational videos about how computers work, how the Internet works, good digital citizenship, simple data collection, and more.

All About Computers 2 – Grades 3-5 (Beginner level) 7 lessons

In this course, students familiarize themselves with computing concepts as they watch entertaining and educational videos about how computers are used, how the Internet works, data collection and visualization, cybersecurity, the history of computing, and more.

Coding Cup!

As an Official Sponsor of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, BYJU’s launched the BYJU’S Coding Cup, a global coding competition developed by Tynker that enabled kids to personalize and program the moves of soccer players on a virtual mini-team and compete against other teams around the globe.

We gave out cash and prizes in total for all 4 rounds of over $20,000! Better yet, it was FREE to enter and open to all kids ages 7-18 (with no previous coding experience required).

Going Forward

In today’s world, having a basic understanding of technology and coding is becoming increasingly important, and learning to code at a young age can give kids an advantage in their future education and career.

We’ve got tons of new projects planned for the new year to get everyone excited about coding. We can’t wait to see what your child will create with code this school year!

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