Announcing: BYJU’S Coding Cup!

Last Updated: October 23, 2022 10:39 am
Announcing: BYJU’S Coding Cup!

Have you caught World Cup fever yet? With matches beginning in November, the excitement is building all around the world. Soccer is a huge part of life for many families around the world and we are thrilled to launch the BYJU’S Coding Cup, a soccer-themed learning experience for students around the world, tied to this year’s FIFA World Cup:

Play BYJU’S Coding Cup

BYJU’S Coding Cup is a totally FREE coding competition designed to help every kid see themselves in the world of computer science as they code and apply problem-solving and critical thinking skills. No previous coding experience is required.

Kids will watch their code take life, as a soccer team acts out their programs visually! This unique coding activity is open to kids ages 7-18, with cash and prizes totaling $20,000 USD (see details below).

Here’s the big idea. When you play a match in BYJU’S Coding Cup, you don’t control your team with a joystick or game controller. . . Instead, your team runs with the code that you write! 

Go for the goal!

Create and Customize Your Team

First, create and customize your three-member team. Change how each player looks, design a uniform and logo, and give your team a unique name, too!

Make a team that’s all yours!

Train Your Team 

To get started, train your players. You’ll learn the basics of logic and coding so you can write your own custom logic (AI) using visual programming blocks. Don’t worry, you’ll start with the basics!  

Complete training to see all your moves!

Compete and Win!

When you enter the arena, you’ll face off against other coders from around the world. Then, as you win or lose, you’ll get matched against players of the same skill level. 

Every player starts with a ranking of 1500 points, then wins or loses points depending on their team’s results. Looking for an edge? You can replay matches from the leaderboard and look for opportunities to improve your players’ code. Complete advanced training or read the free strategy guide for more tips and tricks. 

Improve Your Team with Advanced Soccer Strategies

Programming your players in BYJU’S Coding Cup is as simple as drag-and-drop. Create a script, then watch the results of your program being acted out immediately. Invent your own team strategies to win!

Tynker makes coding as simple as drag-and-drop.
This program is for a goalkeeper, who moves up and down.

Does the Game Teach Coding?

Yes! Forget a boring textbook — kids will watch their code come alive! 

BYJU’S Coding Cup is a turn-based game, which means that kids are exploring key computer science ideas of conditional logic and selection. In other words, coders must write programs that select the correct action, depending on the conditions of the game! Advanced coders will explore ideas like cartesian coordinates, debugging, digital logic, lists, and much more.

By combining the world of sports to computer science, this activity is sure to inspire an all-new generation of coders. 

Win Fantastic Prizes!

The contest starts on October 20, 2022 at 5:00:01AM and ends on December 21, 2022 at 11:59:59PM (all times are Pacific Time). You’ll find the official rules HERE.

Play BYJU’S Coding Cup

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