Tynker's 2020 Hour of Code

Last Updated: December 13, 2020 1:38 pm
Tynker’s 2020 Hour of Code

Tynker has been fine-tuning online learning since 2013 when we participated in our very first Hour of Code. This year, we hosted another full week of livestreams with special guests from NASA, an amazing Code Jam competition with big prizes, and, of course, our collection of 40+ free Hour of Code puzzles and projects. So, to all the educators who brought Hour of Code to their students, thank you for making this year another great success!

By the Numbers

  • In preparation
    • 40+ FREE Hour of Code puzzles & projects
    • 700+ teachers joined Tynker’s free Hour of Code PD sessions
  • And just during the 5 days of CS Education Week!
    • 1,600+ free virtual backgrounds downloaded
    • 14,000+ views of NASA CodeLab live sessions
    • 38,000+ Holiday Code Jam projects created
    • 1,000,000+ HoC projects & puzzles completed

Coding IS Rocket Science

Our CodeLab episodes were viewed over 14,000 times, by both individual students and entire classrooms! Our friends from NASA joined to introduce the incredible work they’re doing for the Artemis program to get us to the Moon and beyond. They discussed why coding was critical to the space program and even shared the inside scoop on getting a job at NASA!

After our Tynker teachers walked viewers through the coding activity for the day, our NASA engineer and communications guests also answered questions from students who wanted to know about everything from life in space to the ins and outs of landing a rover on Mars. It was great to see the next generation of designers, astronauts, and engineers so curious and engaged. A big shout-out to the NASA Office of STEM Engagement for helping bring our NASA themed Hour of Code activities to a new group of students and teachers!

Missed any of our livestreams? Want to catch one again? Watch our CodeLab episodes on our YouTube channel and run an Hour of Code at ANY time!

Holiday Code Jam

Students have been having such a blast with our coding competitions like Summer Code Jam that we introduced a Holiday Code Jam for CS Education Week, and the response was fantastic. Students created over 38,000 projects! Stay tuned, we’ll be announcing our winners soon. The prizes on the line are $250 for classroom submissions and $100 for home users!

Stories Being Shared

Coding in space, a jungle, or even a classroom!

Over 1,600 teachers and students downloaded our new Hour of Code virtual backgrounds during CS Education Week, but you can use them all year long. Customize your video conferencing presence with one of six backgrounds featuring Tynker characters, binary code, and Minecraft figures. They’re compatible with whatever software you use; Google Meets, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx.

Beyond Hour of Code

CS Education Week may be over, but the learning never stops! All of our CodeLab episodes and Hour of Code projects are still available for your young programmers. Keep your students excited about coding with our free coding courses, weekly lessons, and more. With Tynker, you don’t need prior coding experience; we provide all the curriculum and intuitive tools you need to teach coding. We even offer free professional development and unlimited student accounts. Give your students tailored coding lessons to get them started with block-based coding or real-world programming languages like JavaScript and Python.

About Tynker

Tynker enables children to learn computer programming in a fun and imaginative way. More than 60 million kids worldwide have started learning to code using Tynker.