Tynker Lets Kids Create Art—with Code!

Last Updated: March 3, 2020 1:06 pm
Tynker Lets Kids Create Art—with Code!

Tynker Lets Kids Create Art—with Code!

Art, it’s often said, is the expression of your imagination, most readily identifiable in mediums such as painting, sculpture, film, and music. Not everyone, however, is aware of how art is exemplified in the world of technology. But, it’s truly an art form when a computer programmer can bring their incredible visions to life through the power of code.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

—Pablo Picasso

At Tynker, we appreciate a cool art project just as much as a new app or video game. Our approach to teaching code is getting kids to develop their imaginations through creativity and focus. Art, as well as, Music, Storytelling, Engineering, and Game Design are all great ways to interweave technology with creativity, while focus can help train the brain to see a project through.

“Creativity takes courage.”

—Henri Matisse 

That’s why Tynker is excited to announce the recent launch of our new art and animation tools, featuring:

  • Different costume support so you can quickly draw animated frames
  • Frame animation preview with the play button
  • Easier to use interface

“Creativity is contagious,” said Albert Einstein, “pass it on.” Whether your kid is already on the programming path or a newcomer, Tynker teaches kids from kindergarten through high school how to code in a fun, creative way that helps them develop skills in Problem-Solving, Critical Thinking, Organization, Math, Storytelling, and Art.

These skills are an open-ended ticket to discover what’s possible and one day maybe even practical. And with the ability to code under their belt, kids will have the keys to a wide range of 21st century jobs.

Check out this project that a Tynker’er shared with our online community using the new art tools:

For kids, this is the best time to begin coding. Like a foreign language, code is best learned early. Once kids are fluent in the type of thinking required to break down and solve coding problems, the transition to other more advanced coding languages is relatively straightforward.

Tynker’s courses are as fun as they’re informative, which is where creativity abounds.

What will your kids create with code?


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