Tynker for Schools: Thank You and Happy New Year!

Last Updated: January 1, 2023 12:08 pm
Tynker for Schools: Thank You and Happy New Year!

Tynker for Schools: Thank You and Happy New Year!

We appreciate you being a Tynker educator. Every year we work on bringing you new ways to engage and excite your students! Below are just some of the things we did in 2022.

Highlights from 2022:

  • All About Computers I & II: Our two new courses for Grades K-2 and 3-5 bring us to full coverage of the CSTA standards for elementary grades. These beautiful animated courses cover everything from online safety to how computers work and why coding matters! These courses are automatically included in our Elementary and K-8 Premium plans.
  • BYJU’s Coding Cup: To celebrate the FIFA World Cup, we launched BYJU’s Coding Cup, a unique coding experience that allows students to create soccer teams that compete based on the quality of their code. As an Hour of Code activity this super-popular free activity is available for you to use with your class at any time!
  • Artificial Intelligence: The Tynker team was so excited to deliver our first-ever Artificial Intelligence blocks and projects! Our three new extensions for Pose Detection, Natural Language Processing, and Object Recognition make these complex concepts more easily accessible and usable by students.
  • Vector Editor: Our Drawing Tool now supports Vector Drawing in addition to Bitmap. This means students’ art creations can be scaled, animated, and layered even more easily, helping them get more ambitious with their creative vision!
  • ClassLink: We announced support for ClassLink for schools and districts looking for additional options for secure sign-in and rostering.
  • Warm-up Activities with Kahoot!: We partnered with Kahoot! to bring you fun quizzes to get your students pumped up about coding. New quizzes will be added regularly so keep an eye out for new games to have your class stay informed and entertained!
  • Interactive Lessons with Lumio by SMART Technologies: Our friends at SMART Technologies helped us use Lumio to bring teachers a new way to create interactive lessons. Check out the sample Lumio lesson we created for Byju’s Coding Cup!

All our warmest wishes for an amazing 2023. We will keep working to bring amazing new resources for you this year. As always, thank you for being a teacher!

– Your friends at Tynker 🫶

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