Community Highlights: August 22 – 28

Last Updated: August 29, 2016 11:39 am
Community Highlights: August 22 – 28

Tynker Community Highlights: August 22 – 28

Happy Monday!

Here are a few fun projects and pictures from this past week:

We really love this “Shave the Beard” game. It’s optimized for mobile, so play it on your tablet or phone for the best experience.

Remix This Project

This game is also optimized for mobile, where the red character will move when you tilt the screen, but you can also play using the arrow keys on your computer. Notice that the red character speeds up as it moves!

Remix This Project

This past Friday, the Tynker app was featured as app of the day by Tech & Learning Magazine! Check out their write-up here.

Lots of kids have been learning about coding through our puzzles. Awesome!

Have a great week! Happy Tynkering!

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