Summer Code-A-Thon Winners Announced!

Summer Code-A-Thon Winners Announced!
Last Updated: June 20, 2017 2:35 pm

Summer Code-A-Thon Winners Announced!

The 2017 Code-A-Thon was incredible, but it has now come to an end. We are delighted to announce the Week 10 winners from our final week of  the coding challenge, listed below.  We want to thank all you incredible makers for participating in our Code-A-Thon and we look forward to what you will create in the weeks, months, and years ahead! Happy coding! 

Week 10 Results

Projects Submitted: 34,708

Projects Featured: 264

Winning Projects:

  1. Emerald by kittymuffin
  2. The Solar System Rap. by drabfriend628
  3. Baking Mania! by inconclusiveneutron991
  4. WEEK 10: sorcerer fight! by mash potatoe
  5. Gnome’s Café BETA 1.1.0. by purpleberry
  6. Clash of Clans! by 22rschuckman
  7. Fred’s first battle by cheezy burger
  8. My Little Restaurant! by favvy100
  9. Castle Siege (Updated!) by favoritebroadcast990
  10. Week 10 Code-A-Thon Challenge-Ria by rjk2017
  11. Farm Life by vigorousninja432
  12. How to make slime with Blu-tack by overconfidentdata304
  13. Week 8 Code-A-Thon- ajk2017 by ajk2017
  14. Builder Blocks by girlguru
  15. Tynker Rap Battle! by jerebear
  16. ABC Matching by gracefuladdress645
  17. Pokemon talk by greenantonym613
  18. Stick dude skate time part 1 by eightfamily240
  19. Catini vores Hootle! by genuinework901
  20. Mario’s pinball by ExpertH


Week 9 Results

Projects Submitted: 32,483

Projects Featured: 241

Winning Projects:

  1. Can you hit the Bullseye?? by snowyequation661
  2. Acids and Bases by polarbkitten
  3. How to solve linear equations by Karen
  4. Super kitty episode1 by jack eagle
  5. Make Toast! by levy123
  6. Make it Rain-Beta by jorgecimadevilla
  7. At the Restaurant by Rebecca
  8. My Project 8 by 5926006…
  9. Bone Wars by crosscaeden
  10. Traffic Trouble! by spinningcube
  11. Heros by blossom4friends
  12. Doughnut Maker by determinedladder718
  13. Monster Maker by purpleberry
  14. Super Pug by CozyGuy
  15. Play with the guinea pig! by Rosemar…
  16. Werewolf Vs Boy by Cooper
  17. CAR WARS by nishilshah
  18. More Circles by alexgal…
  19. Bendy 3D Plane v1 by mcbonus333
  20. Indiana Jones Temple Run. by gackle …


Week 8 Results

Projects Submitted: 29,620

Projects Featured: 223

Winning Projects:

  1. Horse Days by purpleberry
  2. Week 8 Code-A-Thon Challenge 1 How to make a pancake by kawaiikiwi
  3. Cake Maker by accomplishedmountain252
  4. Mathematical Spacemen by Scout
  5. My Guy Game by tynkercomputergirl
  6. Drawn to Fly by mcbonus333
  7. How To Program A Car by CozyGuy
  8. Week 8 Code-A-Thon by heanshuai
  9. Heart Rate Simulator by tyrusw
  10. Dancing banana by candycloud
  11. Making JELLO!!! by blossom4friends
  12. Tynker Tips 2 by sweet charms
  13. BOSS Street part2 by excitabletime924
  14. Wormy BETA by mcbonus333
  15. Week 8 Code-A-Thon Challenge 1 by whitetomato364
  16. Ways to Make Money by tynkerer4454
  17. DigiTank Warfare 1 by scrac9
  18. Lemonade Stand by purpleberry
  19. Drawing Pac Man by msol2401
  20. How to Play Fetch With A Dog by onewheel


Week 7 Results

Projects Submitted: 26,667

Projects Featured: 193

Winning Projects:

  1. Cat empire by jack eagle
  2. Pet Game by Elise
  3. Cat care by Lillian
  4. Doggie dress-up! by best coder girl
  5. 2D Plane v1.2 by mcbonus333
  6. Voidcloudgatchi by rapidshelf931
  7. ?TERROR? Intro by redfoxes26
  8. fixed castle defense by baggymistake465
  9. Cat Factory by falcon111
  10. Sims (Part 1) by Radicma…
  11. Your Dog Olive by kawaiikiwi
  12. Care for Coco! by Emilia
  13. My black cat Ace by Hunter
  14. MEW THE POKEMON!!! by whisperedsting900
  15. Mario party! by edav2101
  16. Nyan cat Defense by byost5
  17. My Project 9 by wholegrill198
  18. Typical High School Dance by The Cowbot
  19. Tynker Tips by Yaamini
  20. Lapis lazuli attacks! by mash potatoe


Week 6 Results

Projects Submitted: 24,360

Projects Featured: 168

Winning Projects:

  1. Pokemon battle & catch by Emilia
  2. The Impossible Quiz by awesomecreatorkid
  3. Wonder1 by Soul
  4. Hamberguesa’s Morning? by nuffymibo
  5. Mario’s pinball by ExpertH
  6. Your Day School Edition – part 2 by Emilia
  7. Dodge by pleasedpraise366
  8. Can you escape by aaron2678*
  9. Future of Cyborgs: The Movie by Layla
  10. Arms: Ninjara vs Spring man by flawlesstuna531
  11. One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish by polarbkitten
  12. Da Da duck ep. 1 by candychocolate
  13. Mathematical Spacemen by Scout
  14. Choclate Chew! by lukemoodie
  15. Week 6 Code-A-Thon Challenge by ryantheryan
  16. Lucasball Course by lucasgothmeal
  17. Reality game by 717007
  18. Bird Game by James
  19. city car simulator by directfilm729
  20. spring with flying bird by legodct


Week 5 Results

Projects Submitted: 21,491

Projects Featured: 147

Winning Projects:

  1. Get a coateil? by stormy1
  2. Space War 1.4 by awesomeninja
  3. kind of weird contr… by spacedino
  4. Weird Art 2 by meagertelegram803
  5. Business Bloom 2 by sebsta1234
  6. Week 5 Code-A-Thon Challenge by Hunter
  7. Soar by hollowopossum216
  8. Lights, Camera, Harry Potter! by Nitish
  9. Artastic by kawaiikiwi
  10. life at home by wbehrmann
  11. Rokua Board by superethan
  12. My Project 46 by flawlesstuna531
  13. Doggie Adventure! by abandoned_fish
  14. The Wall Game(Original) by Vishnu
  15. Sweet Paradise S1 by blossom4friends
  16. MY BLOB GLOB?!?!!?!?!??!?!?!?!!?! by smallroof194
  17. Bedroom Maker by ilovesports123
  18. Lumberjack Tycoon by pleasedpraise366 
  19. Youtube-ish by dolphinsrule
  20. fruit ninga by koder_k


Week 4 Results

Projects Submitted: 19,567

Projects Featured: 120

Winning Projects:

  1. Itten World 1.1 by Emilia
  2. School Time Part 1 by blossom4friends
  3. Fireworks by Joshua
  4. Computer by Lillian
  5. Dekstop v3.20 update by nath17
  6. Fourth of July!!! by charlie12
  7. Pokemon Eclipse by Ace
  8. Fire works by Samuel
  9. Spelling bee ? by koder_k
  10. Week 4 Code-A-Thon Challenge by OneWheel
  11. Week 4 Code-A-Thon Challenge by Michael
  12. Week 4 Code-A-Thon Challenge by Hunter
  13. Fireworks by Ellie
  14. Week 4 Code-A-Thon Challenge by AlexStavi
  15. Fireworks in the city by Ian
  16. Week 4 Code-A-Thon Challenge by dgillai
  17. Week 4 Code-A-Thon Challenge by DerekShark
  18. Week 4 Code-A-Thon Challenge by Erin
  19. Fireworks by tyrusw
  20. A Fireworks Animation by Natalia


Week 3 Results

Projects Submitted: 15,963

Projects Featured: 109

Winning Projects:

  1. Virtual spinner by heekon
  2. Week 3 Code-A-Thon Challenge 1 by tiny.aini
  3. Reuse it all! by Lillian
  4. Save the world! by nickhoenemann
  5. Week 3 Code-A-Thon Challenge 1 by 21chowdhuryr
  6. Bomb Catcher by St1nGer
  7. Save the world. To make it better. by trident13667
  8. how can i change the world by unipup38
  9. Week 3 Code-A-Thon Challenge by mrprawnpaste
  10. Week 3 Code-A-Thon Challenge – Environlogue by darian1123
  11. Who will win? by sydneybentz
  12. Week 3 Code-A-Thon Challenge by aslanas
  13. How I Would Like To Change The World by soulsand909
  14. Week 3 Code-A-Thon Challenge by Kylah
  15. Week 3 Code-A-Thon Challenge 2 by lazypush355
  16. Save the world! by faroffsun809
  17. Recycle by kendallhopping
  18. Burger maker!! by Emilia
  19. Week 3 Code-A-Thon Challenge by peacekid833
  20. Furious Shark by arnavcp


Week 2 Results

Projects Submitted: 13,411

Projects Featured: 64

Winning Projects:

  1. Energizer Bunny Joke by Arjun
  2. Joke by Fizzypop
  3. Taylor Swift joke by Ojohnson051012
  4. Spooky joke by kubbyb
  5. Joke by niftyunicorn639
  6. Peep dance & joke by ivyclover
  7. The dreadful roadtrip by jack eagle
  8. Play this and press the up arrow!  by sans da skeleton
  9. Why is cinderella so bad at sport??? by brollason
  10. Jokes by rainbow92
  11. Free Draw PRO by rainbowminemoncoder
  12. Fashion World by Heather
  13. Joke by redpost225
  14. Penguin by tyler-may  by tyler918
  15. Ball room dancing by whittle_aislinn
  16. Dance Animation 123 gogo by bluechocolate123
  17. Summer Coding: Jokes by euphoricbrain105
  18. Bear joke by chamonixbrand
  19. Joke by bossmodevideos
  20. 2p Space Battle v. 0.0.7. by mdavis gaming industries


Week 1 Results

Projects Submitted: 7,254

Projects Featured: 34

Winning Projects:

  1. coding compatition tips by gargantuansilence811
  2. What is Coding? by Yaamini
  3. Happy Father’s Day!! by Nitish
  4. DANCE PARTY by Edwin
  5. Peep: Dance with Friends by Alex
  6. Peep: Dance with Friends by Chloe
  7. Summer Dance Party!!! by thegoodgeek23
  8. Maniki Neko by Anna
  9. Hooray! It’s summer! by Attiyah
  10. Holey Roads by Dedflame
  11. Bopland! by Elena
  12. MOUSE TRAP by ajthewillow
  13. Puppy Days?? by Heather
  14. Summer is Finally HERE! Peep by Gibson
  15. Peep: Dance with Friends by sneakysmarty by Krishay
  16. My Town
  17. p1 to p10 by Daniel
  18. Draw a Maze 1 by Elle
  19. Pac-Man beta by super awesome coder
  20. StarDust 2 by scrac9


The Code-A-Thon is free and open to all, so please join in the fun!

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