Seasonal Project Highlights

Last Updated: April 30, 2019 11:12 am
Seasonal Project Highlights

Seasonal Project Highlights

Since the beginning of this year, Tynker makers have coded over 1,779,488 projects! Among these projects are the much-loved seasonal projects, where kids practice their critical thinking and creativity skills as they transform their ideas into coding projects that they build and share!

In this article, we want to highlight just a few of the excellent projects published by the community. We’ve seen a variety of excellent projects stemming from the seasonal templates, including February’s Candy Hearts, March’s Pi Day Art, April’s Rabbit Round-up and Plant Trees, and our Black History Month project!

Has your child tried these seasonal projects yet? Share these projects with your child and inspire them to make their own! Click on the image for each project and have your child sign in to Tynker to view the project page.

Candy Hearts

In this project, sent for Valentines Day coding, kids customize and build their own candy heart game. They can write their own messages on the candy hearts, change the background, and program the motion of the candy box!

‘Candy Hearts 5’ by Talented Tomato

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Pi Day Art

With this project sent out on March 14th, also known as Pi Day, kids coded the digits of Pi to appear one at a time to make a fun design! For this project, your child can choose what programming language to use. Depending on their level, they can build the same project using any of these three coding languages: block coding, JavaScript, or Python! As a bonus, they can even make the digits appear in a spiral!

Check out how this user made their numbers appear in quick succession in a cool shape!

‘Pi Day Art 1’ by Draconian Midnight

Plant Trees

Sent on Earth Day, with this project, your child can program a fun game where they plant trees to lower the CO2 levels in the atmosphere. From your parent dashboard, you can share their games with friends and family to remind them to make a positive impact on the planet! Coders can make this project using either block coding or Python.

This maker culled other visual elements to create an interesting background!

‘Plant Trees! (Remix)’ by nick is the best

Black History Month

This project gives kids the opportunity to practice multimedia and storytelling skills! They can choose a famous African American and explain that person’s story. Kids can customize the images and text as they tell their person’s story!

This maker does a great job of telling the story of Mae Jemison, the first African American woman to travel in space!

‘Tell Their Story’ (Remix) by Gamerb0y07

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Rabbit Roundup

Does your child like Minecraft? Have them check out Rabbit Roundup, where they can collect eggs and customize their background!

It’s a whole family of rabbits!

‘Rabbit Roundup’ by Alleged Scuba

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Seasonal projects are just one great benefit of joining the Tynker Community. When you subscribe to a Tynker plan, you unlock access to all of our award-winning content: 39 programming courses, 11 iPad courses, 3 iPhone courses, and 2000+ learning modules!

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Which seasonal projects has your child completed recently that you are very proud of? Tag us @Gotynker on Facebook to share your child’s project! Include a screenshot, GIF, or video of your child’s project in your post so we can see your child’s creativity at work!

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