Parents Speak: Kids Should Learn to Code this Summer

Ruby and Willem Tynkering
Last Updated: June 3, 2015 10:43 pm
Parents Speak: Kids Should Learn to Code this Summer

There is growing recognition that coding is the must-have skill kids will need to navigate an increasingly digital world. Summer is a great time to get started. The best news? Kids can learn at home with flexible online learning courses that will fit around kids’ busy summer schedules and outside play time.

With over 20 million kids using Tynker, parents are seeing the many benefits that their children have gained from learning to code. Here are 5 reasons why parents think computer programming is a great activity to focus on this summer.

1. More fun than ever!

“Tynker seems to strike the right balance between education and entertainment.  The kids don’t realize they are learning,” says parent Anna P.

With our new Coding Adventures, kids embark on a quest and learn to code as they go. As kids progress, they build games they can play with friends, and learn to program drones and robots with our tablet app. Is our approach more fun? Kids gave us a big thumbs up.

2. Kids become “creators.”

Instead of just playing games, they create them. “My daughter realized that she didn’t have to buy stuff — she could create her own games to have fun,” continues Anna. The process of creating is incredibly empowering, and kids learn valuable programming skills that will prepare them for a tech-filled future.

3. More than just coding.

Yes, kids are learning to speak the language of technology, but they’re also learning some very important skills including problem-solving, storytelling, creativity, and logical and analytical thinking. Due to the immediate feedback that the Tynker platform provides, where kids can see their progress and fix mistakes in real time, they pick up these skills very quickly.

4. Kids learn independently.

You don’t need a programming or technical background to help your child get started and you don’t need to help them every step of the way. The Tynker platform is designed to encourage kids of all levels to learn at their own pace. This independence encourages kids to dissect and solve problems on their own. Plus, they’ll have a head start on learning how to use a new creativity tool that can be used to create school projects in the fall (Think: interactive reports, animated stories, and science fair projects!).

5. Your child just might be brilliant at it!

“When my 8-year-old excitedly pulled me to the computer last evening and showed me the projects he has created on Tynker, I was totally blown away!” — parent, Brian G.

“One of my students, who struggled academically, quickly established himself as a leader when it came to coding and volunteered to assist other students with their projects every chance he got. As a result, his academic and personal growth has been phenomenal.” — Jenny Anderson, Teacher.

Another parent comments, “That sense of achievement is so strong. It’s really helped him develop a sense of self and he’s come alive with enthusiasm. It was really unexpected.”

We live in a world centered around computers and technology. When a child learns programming, they are prepared for any path they might choose in the future. So get your kids started coding and creating this summer!

Our Summer Learning Special is available through June 30!

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