New Remote Collaboration Features for Educators!

Last Updated: November 5, 2020 10:11 am
New Remote Collaboration Features for Educators!

New Remote Collaboration Features for Educators!

At Tynker, we’re constantly updating our programming platform to motivate and educate all the young coders out there, teachers too! Our goal is to inspire kids of all ages to use code to become creators instead of just consumers. Here are some great new school and classroom features that we’re excited to share with you.

Class Stream

Now every classroom using Tynker has a Stream that allows teachers to communicate asynchronously (independent of location) with their students.

Teachers can post links, images, and videos as attachments to Tynker lessons. Students are then able to comment on these teacher-posted messages but can’t create their own posts to the stream.

*When teachers send a post, all students will receive it under the new Bell icon on their dashboard. 

Project Collaboration

Once you save a project in the Tynker Workshop, a new Share icon appears in the top right corner of your screen. Now students can share their projects with their classmates.

Once a student shares their project, a comment feed is activated, allowing users on a private communal list to post comments. However, only the owner can make changes to the code, while the rest of the users can just comment.

Meanwhile, teachers are copied on every group conversation and can even provide help by dragging Actors and snippets of code.

Progress Reports for Parent/Guardian

Teachers can add parent/guardian information for students under the Students tab in a Classroom. And from the gradebook, teachers can send them progress reports via email.

In turn, the parent/guardian can view and print the web page with the progress report, which includes a summary, mastery chart, and project portfolio, as well as any awards and certificates. 

Distribute Student Logins to Parent/Guardian

Once teachers set up their student accounts with Tynker, they can distribute student login information to the parent/guardian from the Students tab in the Classroom or use the Bulk Actions menu to send it to several parents/guardians at once. 


With this feature, teachers can invite an additional educator or a student helper and give them access to their classroom. Tynker allows educators to choose the level of access to provide the secondary teacher. For example, they could be given access to assign and run lessons, but not add new students or view the gradebook.

We know these new features will be a great asset for educators who are committed to teaching computer programming to their students. In the meantime, we’ll continue to work hard to develop the most efficient online tools and resources to guarantee their success.

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