Zombie Pirate vs. Warrior Princess? Tynker’s Next Level Character Animator

Last Updated: August 29, 2014 9:55 pm
Zombie Pirate vs. Warrior Princess? Tynker’s Next Level Character Animator

Many kids tell us that building customizable characters is one of their favorite features of Tynker. So we decided to take our Character Animation Studio to the next level to inspire kids to create games and stories featuring beautifully rendered, fluidly animated characters, and new programming commands to make it easy to add realistic characters to their games.

Kids can easily create customized, professional quality characters that look just as good as (or better than) what they see in the games and animated shows they love. It’s the perfect way to motivate kids to create, and learn valuable programming skills.



A variety of stunningly realistic preset animations can be applied to an array of all-new characters to inspire imaginative scenes and stories.


With swappable parts and props, the possibilities are endless — kids can explore and create millions of customizable characters.

Inspire kids to create games and stories featuring animated characters that they can design using our all-new Character Animation Studio!

Parents, send us a link to your child’s project that showcases their coolest characters—we’d love to see what they’re building!

If your child has not yet started coding with Tynker at home, enroll them an online home course and they can start creating with the Character Builder.

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Current Customers: To get the link to send to us, log in as a parent. After adding your child’s project to your private gallery on the Projects tab, go to the Gallery tab to copy the link. Links are private and shared only by you.

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