Learn to Code with Fun Halloween Activities

Learn to Code with Fun Halloween Activities
Last Updated: October 14, 2021 10:21 pm

Inspire kids to learn to code, while creating spooky Halloween animations, stories and games.

Imagine their excitement as kids create or add to the story game we’ve started (take a look!), not to mention the fun they’ll have with their friends when they collaborate and play their creations together!

With just a few lessons, students can create the projects below using fun “Spooky” graphics, characters and music from our newly updated Media Library.

Check out this simple, interactive scene that students just starting to learn to code, can easily make (click on the witch to hear her laugh!)

Inspire students to learn programming, and get ready for Halloween!

And with a few more lessons, students will be able to create a simple story, and add animations and sound.


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