Express Yourself with Coding in Tynker’s Maker Community

Last Updated: July 15, 2016 2:15 pm
Express Yourself with Coding in Tynker’s Maker Community

 Express Yourself with Coding in Tynker’s Maker Community

Tynker’s monitored community creates a safe environment for kids to publish their projects, see what other kids are making, and remix others’ creations. Since the community launched six months ago, we’ve been blown away by all the awesome projects that kids have shared.

“My Pet Tuna” was made in Tynker by 12-year-old Jasmine!

Coding is the Language of Creativity

Learning to code at a young age isn’t just about becoming a programmer—coding is a creative outlet, a way to challenge yourself, a collaboration tool, and a new way to interact with your digital world. And that’s exactly what we’ve seen from the Tynker community. Kids are creating incredible games and stories, they’re learning from each other, and they’re pushing themselves to create projects they’re truly proud of.

“Dark Room!” is one of the incredible projects published to the Tynker community.

Collaborative Learning

Learning to code is best done collaboratively, where you can learn from others’ successes and failures and teach what you know. Not only have kids been publishing incredibly creative games, interactive stories, school projects, and Minecraft items, but we’ve also seen a collaborative community spring up, where kids learn from what others are making and contribute to successive versions of projects.

Do you ever look at other projects in the Tynker community?

Yes, and sometimes I get ideas for my own projects from them. —Dea, Age 7

Is there anything you don’t know how to do in Tynker that you’d like to be able to do?

Usually I can figure it out by looking at other people’s projects. —Katrina, Age 11

“Licky Kid” was created and published by 11-year-old Branden!

Social Motivations to Create

Kids are very socially motivated, so the knowledge that other kids are playing and enjoying their games is great for their self-esteem and helps inspire them to fine-tune their projects.

Why do you like making games?

Because other people can see them and play them. I like giving to other people. —Christopher, Age 10

What’s your favorite feature in Tynker?

Community sharing. I like to share projects with the public so then I can see what others have made and make new ideas. —Branden, Age 11

“Weird Art” was coded and published by Jack, who is 11.

Minecraft Skins, Items, Blocks, and Mobs

The open-endedness of the Minecraft world is a perfect creative tool for kids, which is why we’ve recently launched Minecraft modding courses and texture editors. With Tynker’s high-quality Minecraft editors, kids can make any Minecraft textures and deploy them to a private server with just a click.

Dionysus 300x300
Rubik's Cube 300x300
Rainbow Chicken 300x300
Michelangelo 2

How to Get Involved

Your kids can start coding and publish their creations to the Tynker community for free! Just download the free Tynker app for tablets or go to to make mobile games and apps. And you can make Minecraft skins, items, mobs, blocks, and mods by creating a free account at

With a Tynker subscription, your kids can learn to code and mod Minecraft with twelve fun courses. Along the way, they’ll create mobile games, storytelling projects, math art, Minecraft mods, multiplayer Minecraft mini-games, and anything else they can imagine.

We can’t wait to see what they’ll create!

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