Educators, Go Beyond an Hour of Code with Tynker’s Curriculum

Last Updated: September 16, 2014 8:35 pm
Educators, Go Beyond an Hour of Code with Tynker’s Curriculum

If you’ve tried an Hour of Code with Tynker, you’ve seen how much fun students can have as they learn valuable programming basics. But the fun doesn’t have to stop!

With lesson plans and robust creativity tools, Tynker takes students the next step, so they can apply what they’ve learned as they create their own projects to enjoy with friends, learning even more programming concepts along the way. Want a peek at the collaborative energy found in a Tynker classroom?

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Tynker makes it easy to go beyond an Hour of Code. With time-saving teacher tools, lesson plans and assessment features, Tynker brings teachers success from the start. Here are the top three reasons why schools are using Tynker to go beyond an Hour of Code:

 #1 — Hundreds of ready-to-use, common-core aligned, grade-specific lessons introduce beginner to advanced programming concepts in a sequence that builds on prior learning.


“We looked at a lot of the products out there, but they didn’t have the scaffolding needed to teach coding skills in a structured way, and the ability to guide our teachers through the process the way Tynker does. “ — Troy Anderson, Manager of Instructional Technology, Elk River MN


#2 — Lessons are fun for students. Programming concepts are woven into game-like lessons in a way that maintains student engagement while building core skills.

“Tynker has become one of the most popular activities in my technology curriculum…I have seen my students motivated like never before.” –Don Fitz-Roy, Director of Computing, WNS Schools

#3 — Concept Map and Gradebook easily measure learning outcomes. Tynker automatically assesses student mastery of skills through puzzles, quizzes and code analysis.

“Tynker’s teacher dashboard gives our teachers a clear picture of how each student is performing, and the confidence to embrace this new curriculum.” — Eric Schneider, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Minnetonka Public Schools

More than 10,000 schools have chosen to teach programming with Tynker, given its flexiblity, ease of use and proven success.

 “Tynker was the perfect choice. The flexibility to support both formal programming and project-based learning ensures wide adoption by our teachers.” — Ann Dunkin, Chief Technology Officer, Palo Alto Unified School District

“Very few of our teachers are experts in computer programming, but Tynker…sets them up for success. Tynker offers a very educator-friendly introduction to programming.” –Eric Schneider, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Minnetonka Public Schools

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